Firespray-class Patrol and Attack Ship
Name/Model# : Firespray-class Patrol and Attack Ship
Designer/Manufacturer : Kuat Systems Engineering
Combat Designation : Sublight Patrol and Attack Craft
Scale : Starfighter
Length : 21.5 Metres
Width : 21.3 Metres
Height : 7.8 Metres (Excluding Blaster Cannons)
Skill : Space transports: Firespray Patrol/Attack Craft
Crew Skill : Varies
Crew : 3  Crew 1 + Gunners 2
Skeleton Crew : Most likely 1
Troop Capacity : 4 Troops
Cost of Craft : NEW 120,000 Credits USED 45,000 Credits
Nav Computer : Yes
Acceleration : 16 MGLT per second
Sublight Speed : 91 MGLT (WEG=5 Space Units)
Hyperdrive Rating : Class 3
Hyperdrive Backup : Class 15
Atmospheric Speed : 850 kph (WEG=295)
Manoeuvrability : 72 DPF (WEG=1D)
Cargo Capacity : 70 Metric Tons
Consumables : 1 Month
Weapons :
2 Turreted Twin-Mounted Blaster Cannons (Fire Separately)
Crew: 1 Gunner per cannon?
Fire Control: 2D
Space Range: 1-3/10/20 Space Units
Atmospheric Range: 100-300 metres/1 km/2 km
Damage: 4D
If Modified
2 Turreted Twin-Mounted Blaster Cannons
2 Warhead Launchers (5 Concussion Missiles each)
Sensors : Passive : 10 Space Units/0D
Scan : 25 Space Units/1D
Search : 50 Space Units/1D+1
Focus : 2 Space Units/2D
Shields/Hull Rating : Shields 106 SBD. Hull 62 RU (WEG=Shields 1D. Hull 4D)
Note : The Firespray, Target Acquired owned by Dej Vennor featured 2 twin-mounted quad laser cannons, 2 ion cannons, 1 tractor beam projector; faster primary hyperdrive, sublight and atmospheric speed; stronger shields, better sensors, more consumables, more troop capacity (brig) at the cost of reduced hull strength, slower hyperdrive backup and cargo capacity. If Modified = Andrasta


    The Firespray-class Patrol and Attack Ship was originally designed for planetary law enforcement and interdiction duty. Currently, in the more remote areas of the Galaxy this older model of patrol craft can be found, serving mostly in territorial patrol forces and navies. Over ten years before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, the only prototypes of these craft were sent to the prison on the planet of Oovo IV. During Jango Fett's quest to hunt down Komari Vosa, he infiltrated the prison planet. During his escape, he stole one of the Firesprays and destroyed the rest. For nearly 20 years, the Firespray, Slave I was the only remaining example in the entire Galaxy. Sometime around the Battle of Yavin, KSE resuscitated the Firespray line, albeit it saw only limited production.

    Featuring firepower too great for civilian use, yet not enough for Kuat's home defence standards, and its non-profitable design ensured production of Firesprays would be circumscribed. These non-profitable features were the design's incredible robustness, modularity, and user-serviceability; effectively ensuring that post-sale maintenance business of these ships would not be profitable. While this is poor for the manufacturer, these characteristics are excellent for an independent bounty hunter. Firesprays remained an uncommon and exotic ship. This design could survive a tremendous beating, and featured an expansion grid allowing the addition of future hardware. Modifications for special purposes are easily had.

    The cockpit console rotated to allow internal maintenance and observation of the prisoner hold. Below the cockpit deck was the guard deck, holding the guard console and seating. The unique aspect of this craft is that it lands with the engines down, and in flight it is upright. As this craft comes to land, the cockpit capsule rotates to keep the crew and any passengers upright. For maximum pilot visibility and most effective weapons use, this craft flies in the vertical position. It is known that bounty hunters other than the famed Boba Fett operate this craft. The Target Acquired owned by Dej Vennor is one such example. Interestingly, it is known that just before the Battle of Hoth, civilians such as the now wanted Emon Azzameen legally owned a Firespray called the Andrasta.

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