Battle Name : Battle of Endor  [New Sun Campaign (Rebels)]
Battle Location : Endor (Sanctuary Moon), in the Endor System, located in the Moddell Sector, Outer Rim Territories
Battle Occurred : 1 Year After the Battle of Hoth
Battle Type : Do-or-Die All-Out Surprise Attack (For the Rebel Alliance)
Force Making Attack : Rebel Alliance
Opposing Forces : Rebel Alliance / Galactic Empire
Victorious Force : Rebel Alliance
Imperial Personnel : Emperor Palpatine, Lord Darth Vader, Imperial Advisor Kren Blista-Vanee, Imperial Council Member Janus Greejatus, Imperial Council Member Sim Aloo, Moff Jerjerrod, 6 Royal Guards [[Myn Kyneugh (Royal Guard Leader)]], Lieutenant Endicott [docking bay technician] (Death Star II), Admiral Piett, Admiral Chiraneau [Piett's personal advisor, not sure if he was on SSD], Commander Merrejk, Controller Jhoff [comm] (Executor), Captain Alima (Conquest), Captain Brandei (Judicator), Captain Dorja (Relentless), Captain Gilad Pellaeon (Chimaera), Captain Joak Drysso (Virulence), Captain Lennox (Tyrant), Captain Dor Reder, Gunnery Officer Niclara Varnillian (Pulsar), Captain Harrsk (Unknown Star Destroyer), Captain Godherdt (Fleet Engineer), Captain Jonus, Lieutenant Hebsly (TIE Pilots), Major Mianda (Commander of TIE squadron assigned to Death Star II), Captain Sarkli (Imperial Spy), Captain Yorr (TIE Defender Pilot), Colonel Davod Jon (Special Forces Leader), Colonel Jendon (Onyx 1), Major Rhymer (Scimitar Squadron Leader), Baron Soontir Fel (181st Imperial Fighter Group Leader), Major Turr Phennir (Saber 2), "Fel's Wrath" DS-181-3 (Saber 3), DS-181-4 [Major Phennir's Wingman] (Saber 4), "Wampa" (Black 11) <<Endor>> Colonel Dyer, Major Hewex (Leader of Navy Detachment), Commander Igar, Navy Trooper Fenson, Navy Trooper Vesden ((Control Bunker)), Major Marquand (Directed AT-STs, also a AT-ST Pilot), Lieutenant Arnet [Pilots AT-ST Tempest Scout 1], Lieutenant Watts (AT-ST Pilots), Lieutenant Jeres Moridon, Lieutenant Grond (Coordinates Scout Troopers), Sergeant Barich, Sergeant Elsek, Sergeant Irol, Corporal Avarik, Corporal Drelosyn, Corporal Misik, Corporal Oberk (Scout Troopers), Lieutenant Renz (Leads the Emperor's finest legions of troops), Sergeant Tarl, Sergeant Wallen, Corporal Drazin (Stormtroopers) and C-2V9 (HoloNet outpost)
Imperial Force Composition : Death Star II, SSD Executor, ISD Accuser, ISD Adjudicator, ISD Avenger (Main Communications Ship), ISD Conquest, ISD Devastator, ISD Garrett (Unsure), ISD Judicator, ISD Pulsar, ISD Redoubtable, ISD Relentless, ISD Stalker, ISD Thunderflare, ISD Visage, ISDII Accuser, ISDII Adjudicator, ISDII Avenger, ISDII Chimaera, ISDII Denunciator, ISDII Imputor, ISDII Indictor, ISDII Retaliator, ISDII Stalker, ISDII Tyrant, ISDII Vehement, ISDII Virulence, VSD Dominator, ((And many other ISDs and ISDIIs and Interdictor Cruisers)), 181st Imperial Fighting Group, Black Squadron (TIE Fighters) [Unsure, Black 11 escorted Vader's shuttle], Obsidian Squadron (TIE Fighters) [Unsure, Obisdian 10 assigned to defend Death Star II], Onyx Squadron (TIE Defenders) [Unsure, but Onyx 1 and 2 at battle], Saber Squadron (TIE Interceptors) [Part of 181st IFG], Scimitar Squadron (TIE Bombers), Scythe Squadron (TIE Fighters), The Emperor's Shield (TIE Fighter Squadron), The Emperor's Sword (TIE Fighter Squadron), series of Interdictor Cruisers, ISD Unrepentant (Came after the battle ended). Daggerblade (Imperial Patrol Ship) and other patrol ships. 5 Spacetroopers. Names of other Imperial ships are unknown. [Imperial Forces outgunned Rebels at least 10 to 1] NOTE that only TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors were used in the battle. <<On Endor>> Some of the Stormtroopers were from the Elite Squadron Stormtroopers. Crack Legion (Includes Stormtroopers, Scout Troopers and AT-STs). (Hundreds of Imperial Troops were on Endor). Scout Troopers with 74-Z Speeder Bikes. The Empire had a control bunker, a landing platform, HoloNet outpost and a CoMar SLD-26 Planetary Shield Generator. There was at least 1 AT-AT (Tempest 1) and at least 9 AT-STs (Tempest Scouts and Scout Walker Seven).
Rebel Personnel : Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar, General Crix Madine, First Officer Thaneespi (Tactical Analysist), Lieutenant Ty Matthews, Lieutenant s'Too Vees [Dock Mechanic], Corporal Marmor [Dock Mechanic] (Home One), Admiral Yamarus (Liberty), General Walex Blissex (Unknown ship), General Lando Calrissian, Co-Pilot Nien Nunb, Ace Azzameen, Emkay (Millennium Falcon), Colonel Cracken (Modified Z-95 Headhunter Tala 1), Colonel Edor Crespin [Was at Endor briefing, unsure if he was at the battle], Colonel Salm (Grey Squadron Leader), Major Olander Brit (Communication Expert), Major Haash'n (Master Engineer), Major Panno (Scout=Was not on Commando Team), Captain Afyon (Eridain), Captain Syub Snuub (Antares Six), Captain Merrick Simm (Blue Leader), Captain Verrack (Computer Technician), Commander Luke Skywalker (On Endor and then Death Star II), Commander Wedge Antilles (Red Leader), Wes Janson (Red Wing), Derek "Hobbie" Klivian (Red Wing, Red Squadron 4), Lieutenant Gayla Riemann, Keir Santage (Red Squadron 7), Lak Sivrak ((X-Wings)), Lieutenant Blount (Modified Z-95 Headhunter Tala 2), Lieutenant Tycho Celchu (Green Squadron 3), Arvel Crynyd (Green Leader) ((A-Wings)), Bowman Gavin, Ibtisam, Ten Numb [Blue 5] ((B-Wings)), Karie Neth (Grey Squadron 2's gunner), Lieutenant Telsij (Grey Squadron 2), Kin Kian [Colonel Salm's gunner], Taggar [Rone Taggar's mother] ((Y-Wings)), Captain Tessa Manchisco, Chief Navigator Monnda Tebbo, Communications Officer Rannd Delckis (Flurry), Lieutenant Dair Coladel (Unknown ship, in low orbit around Endor, after the battle), Corporal Midge (Rebel Commando-Marksman and Scout=Was not on Command Team) <<Rebel Commando Team>> ((Entire Commando Team Identified)) General Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia Organa, Commander Luke Skywalker (On Endor and then Death Star II), C-3PO, R2-D2, Major Bren Derlin, Captain Yutani, Lieutenant Greeve (Sharpshooter), Lieutenant Page, Sergeant Brooks Carlson (Pathfinder), Sergeant Bruckman, Sergeant Junkin (Demolitions), Corporal Beezer, Corporal Develar (Medic), Corporal Janse (Sharpshooter), Corporal Kersaric (Covers tracks), Orrimaarko "Prune Face" and Squalls (Demolition) [Note that rest of "non specialized" Rebel Commandos are scouts]. Rebels armed with BlasTech E-11B Blaster Rifles, a couple of BlasTech A280 Sharpshooter Rifles, Caspel Projectile Launcher with dye, smoke and Cryo-Ban canisters, E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster and Merr-Sonn Munitions 7-PrG Proton Grenades. Equipped with low-feedback scanner, sensor scramblers, macrobinoculars and camouflage fatigues.
Rebel Force Composition : Blue Wing [Note that only four groups of fighters were at the battle, however this group was present at Endor, but it was not one of the main fighter groups, contrary to the Star Wars Encyclopedia and A Guide to the Star Wars Universe Second Edition], Gold Wing, Green Wing (A-Wings), Grey Wing (Y-Wings), Red Wing (X-Wings), [In ROTJ movie only Gold, Green, Grey and Red Wings were mentioned, which means they were the main fighter groups], YT-1300 Millennium Falcon, MC85 Home One, MC80 Liberty, MC80 Maria, MC80 Medical Frigate, MC80 Reef Home, MC80a Defiance, MC80a Independence, MC80a Lutdze, MC80a Sullute, Bulk Cruiser Urjani, Nebulon-B Frigates Antares Six, Valiance, Viper, Modified Nebulon-B2 Frigate Kracken, Medical Nebulon-B Frigates Redemption, Mercy, Corellian Gunships Chandi, Ensaiav, Ghorman's Honour, Mastala, Telsor, Walerv, Assassin-class Modified Corvettes Masanya, Floran 1,2,3, CR90 Corellian Corvettes Eridain, Masanya, Old Republic, Pushti, Saki, Ullet, Gallofree Medium Transports Limnate, Luminous [Modified-Boosted Hyperdrive], Tuima, Steadfast, Quasar Fire-class Cruiser-Carrier Flurry and DukeDoom (Class Unknown, ship is from the Virgillian Starfleet), Container Transport Dakkrakk [Rebel Fleet had 22 ships from the Virgillian Free Alignment Starfleet (including the Flurry) and at least 2 Dreadnaughts, dozens of Mon Calamari Cruisers (Not including MC40as) at battle] [[Almost the entire Rebel Fleet was at Endor]] Names of other Rebel ships are unknown. <<On Endor>> Lambda-class Shuttle Tydirium - Rebel Strike Team had 13 Commandos. Plus General Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia Organa, C-3PO and R2-D2. After the battle another Rebel team was launched-Modified Lantillian Short Hauler "The Star-Beast" and 6 Rebels. They were equipped with low-feedback sensors, heavy muffled blasters, full forest camouflage fatigues, 12 thermal detonators and 6 Ikas-Adno Nightfalcon Speeder Bikes. Also in Sector 5-7 Commander Bren Harvist and Rebel squadron Recon-A were sent to an ewok village
Ewok Personnel : (Note that the Ewoks were the Rebels' allies.) Chief Chirpa, Graak, Kazak, Logray, Lumat, Paploo, Rabin, Teebo, Wicket W. Warrick and Wuta
Ewok Force Composition : Hundreds of Ewoks. Ewoks outnumbered the Imperial Legion. (5:2 to 24:1 ratios of Ewoks to Imperial Troops). Weapons used: stone hatchets, bows & arrows, spears, slingshots, bolas, clubs, stones, Ewok catapults and Ewok gliders. Traps-Ewok Log Jam, net traps, logpiles, trip wires (against Scout Troopers on speeder bikes), covered pits, rockslides, a dam with floodgates and Ewoks jumping off of high branches-to pour burning lizard-oil in the AT-STs' gun-slits.
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Captain Brandei, Captain Dorja, Captain Gilad Pellaeon, Captain Joak Drysso, Captain Dor Reder, Gunnery Officer Niclara Varnillian, Baron Soontir Fel, other survivors are unknown
Surviving Forces : ISD Judicator, ISD Relentless, ISDII Chimaera, ISDII Virulence, 181st Imperial Fighting Group, Daggerblade (Imperial Patrol Ship) and other patrol ships, ISD Unrepentant (Came after the battle ended). Other names of surviving Star Destroyers are unknown. 
Imperial Loses : Death Star II (Destroyed), SSD Executor (Destroyed), ISD Accuser (Captured by Rebels), ISD Adjudicator (Captured by Rebels), ISD Avenger (Destroyed), ISD Devastator (Destroyed), ISD Pulsar (Surrendered to Rebels), ISDII Vehement (Destroyed) and 7 other ISDs were destroyed. [Total of 14 Star Destroyers (including the SSD) were lost at the battle]. And 5 Spacetroopers.
Rebel Survivors : Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar, General Crix Madine, Lieutenant Ty Matthews, General Lando Calrissian, Co-Pilot Nien Nunb, Ace Azzameen, Emkay, Colonel Cracken, Colonel Salm, Captain Afyon, Captain Syub Snuub, Commander Luke Skywalker, Commander Wedge Antilles, Wes Janson, Derek "Hobbie" Klivian, Lieutenant Gayla Riemann, Lieutenant Tycho Celchu, Lieutenant Dair Coladel, Bowman Gavin, Captain Tessa Manchisco, Chief Navigator Monnda Tebbo, Communications Officer Rannd Delckis. 4 members from Rogue Squadron, survived, the rest were killed  <<On Endor>> General Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia Organa, C-3PO, R2-D2, Major Bren Derlin, Orrimaarko "Prune Face", Lieutenant Page and other surviving Rebels' names are unknown. Rebels sent to Endor after battle, number survived are unknown.
Surviving Forces : Millennium Falcon, MC85 Home One, MC80 Reef Home, Blue Wing, Gold Wing, Green Wing, Grey Wing and Red Wing, Medical Nebulon-B Frigates Redemption, Mercy, Quasar-Fire-class Cruiser-Carrier Flurry, Corellian Gunships Ensaiav, Ghorman's Honour, Mastala, Telsor, Walerv and CR90 Corellian Corvette Ullet. Names of other surviving ships are unknown.  <<On Endor>> Rebel Commando Team and 1 AT-ST (Captured)
Rebel Loses : 20% of the entire Rebel Fleet (All ships in the Rebellion) were destroyed. Well over 50% of all Rebel starfighters at the battle were destroyed. (TIE Interceptors destroyed almost half of the Rebel fighters during the first stage of the battle), Many A-Wing and B-Wing Squadrons were devastated. Grey Wing suffered quick and heavy casualties and Gold Wing was hit hard early in the battle. Unknown number of cargo ships lost. 2 cruisers (Unknown class and name), 1 ordnance vessel (Unknown class or name) and at least 3 other Mon Calamari Cruisers (Not MC40as) were destroyed [At least a total of 4 Mon Calamari Cruisers were destroyed including the MC80 Liberty]. MC80 Liberty, CR90 Corellian Corvette Old Republic and Bulk Cruiser Urjani [Other losses are unknown]. Nearly 75% of the surviving Rebel ships required extensive repairs before returning to duty.  <<On Endor>> 6 Rebel Commandoes were killed
Ewok Survivors : Chief Chirpa, Graak, Kazak, Logray, Lumat, Paploo, Rabin, Teebo, Wicket W. Warrick and Wuta
Surviving Forces : Large number
Ewok Loses : Large number dead and wounded

    Upon capturing the Death Star II plans and tactical information along with the fact that the Emperor himself would be personally overseeing the final stages on construction of the battle station, the Rebels believed they had the golden opportunity to eliminate the heart of the Galactic Empire, the Emperor himself. The Emperor had allowed the Rebels to learn of the information, however the information was supplied by the Emperor and it was incomplete or false. To ensure the Rebels would be fully duped, the Emperor made sure that every Bothan or Rebel who learned of the fate that awaited the Rebels at Endor or those who wanted to voice their concerns on the authenticity of the information were killed.

    The Rebels believed that the Death Star II was not operational and the construction site was minimally defended, since the Empire did not expect the Rebels to learn about the Death Star II and that the Imperial Fleet was spread throughout the Galaxy in attempt to engage them. They planned to create a perimeter around the Death Star II and bombard it while their fighters fly into the superstructure and attempt to knock out the main reactor. The Rebel Fleet was also there to deal with any Imperial surprises that could be mustered. They also stole the Lambda-class Shuttle Tydirium from an Imperial Outpost not long before. The Rebels assembled almost the entire Rebel Fleet at Sullust. The "Heroes of Yavin" and a Rebel Commando team was sent ahead of the fleet so the shield protecting the Death Star II would drop when the Rebel Fleet came out of hyperspace.

    The Emperor had his best troops at Endor. The Emperor knew of the secret assembling the Rebel Fleet and sent the Imperial Fleet to the far side of Endor so he could spring his trap. He had place a series of Interdictor Cruisers at the edge of the Endor System and combined with the Death Star II's own gravity well, any attempt by hypering out of the area was futile. If the Rebels wanted to flee, they would have to fight their way through the Imperial Fleet and the Interdictor battle line in an extended retreat, suffering horrendous casualties. For the Rebels, in theory some of their fleet would be able to escape.

    Shuttle Tydirium was disguised as a cargo ship carrying parts and a technical crew for Endor. They used a secret but an older Imperial Code to gain shield passage. The Rebel Commando team landed on Endor without any problems. The "Heroes of Yavin" were able to eliminate the Scout Trooper lance that was patrolling the area and they met up and made allies with the Ewoks. Luke Skywalker surrendered himself to Imperial Forces and Commander Igar presented him to Darth Vader on the Imperial Landing Platform after emerging from the docked AT-AT. He was granted permission to conduct an extensive search of the area. Darth Vader took Luke Skywalker directly to the Emperor on the Death Star II. Skywalker was taken away by 2 Stormtroopers, one of them was Sergeant Wallen.

    Meanwhile, the Rebel Commando Team led by Major Derlin was ordered to rendezvous at the shield generator at 0300. During the night, his team set up camp in a ravine. An AT-ST spotted the ravine, Corporal Beezer jammed its transmission while, Lieutenant Greeve shot out both search lights on the AT-ST. With no visuals, the AT-ST relied on its sensors and began rotating its cockpit to find the source of the attack, the Rebels were running around the AT-ST. With that, the AT-ST blazed away randomly trying to eliminate the Rebels. Corporal Develar used the Caspel Projectile Launcher to fire a smoke canister into one of the viewports, thereby smoking out the pilots out of the AT-ST and forcing them to surrender. The Rebels forced them to make their regular call-ins and then they disposed of them.

    The next morning, Major Derlin and his team rendezvoused with the "Heroes of Yavin" as planned. The Rebels were going to storm the control bunker from the main entrance, however Wicket informed the Rebels that there was a secret entrance on the other side of the ridge. Once there, Paploo took one of the speeder bikes and speed off as a diversion. 3 of the 4 Scout Trooper guards took their speeder bikes and gave chase. The Rebels positioned themselves near the entrance and Solo tapped the remaining guard on the shoulder, causing a chase that ended with the trooper being captured. One of the Rebels put on the unconscious trooper's armour to guard the entrance, while the rest of the Rebels used the stolen codes to open the blast door protecting the bunker.

    Using a stolen map to navigate the bunker, the first three turnings there were no Imperial Personnel encountered. At the fourth cross-corridor they encountered 6 Stormtroopers on guard. The Rebels barged into the entryway, the troopers instantly reacted and crouched down and returned fire. During the barrage of blaster fire, 2 Stormtroopers were immediately hit and a third trooper lost his blaster rifle and was pinned behind a refrigerator console. Two more troopers stood behind a fire door and blasted each Rebel Commando who tried to get through, which resulted in the killing of 4 Rebel Commandos. Chewbacca rushed the door and pushed it down on the 2 troopers, crushing them. The sixth trooper who was taking aim at Chewbacca was killed by Princess Leia. The trooper who had been pinned and disarmed bolted to get help, but Solo brought him down unconscious with a flying tackle. The Rebels then proceeded to the control room.

    The Rebels blew the lock on the blast door that sealed the control room of the bunker, taking Major Hewex by surprise, Chewbacca forced him and 3 Navy Troopers into a corner while 3 Rebel Commandos covered the exits. One Rebel Commando knocked out an Imperial officer who was entering the control room. The remaining Rebels began placing their charges. C-3PO and R2-D2 watching from the brush witnessed the Rebel at the entrance being captured and saw Navy Troopers and an Imperial Officer rush into the bunker. Wicket ran off to tell the other ewoks. Without warning Colonel Dyer with his blaster drawn demanded the Rebels to freeze. But Solo threw a box of charges at him, causing him to fall over the railing to his death. A moment later Stormtroopers from all directions rushed into the control room to take the Rebels prisoner. Lieutenant Renz who led some of the Stormtroopers pointed his blaster at Solo and said "You Rebel scum". Major Hewex took the initiative and forcibly took Chewbacca's bowcaster, which allowed the 3 Navy Troopers to return to their stations.

    By this time the Rebel Fleet came out of hyperspace. They couldn't get a reading if the shield protecting the Death Star II was up or down because they were being jammed. Lando realizing the implication ordered all the Rebel starfighters to pull up before would hit the shield. Three flanking X-Wings hit the shield and were destroyed. With that, Admiral Ackbar ordered the fleet to take evasive action and ordered Green Group to stick close to Holding Sector MV-7. A Rebel bridge officer on Home One called out that there were enemy ships in sector 47, it was the Imperial Fleet. Admiral Ackbar instantly recognized that it was a trap. Out from behind Endor, the Imperial Fleet outflanked the Rebel Fleet from both sides like the pincers of a deadly scorpion. The Rebels were trapped between the Imperial Fleet and the Death Star II.

    Imperial starfighters were the ones to engage the Rebels first. In the early moments of the battle Gold Wing was hit hard and Admiral Ackbar ordered more cover fire for them. While Grey Wing suffered quick and heavy casualties and was taken out early in the battle, along with Grey Leader, who was killed. Lando ordered the Rebel fighters to draw fire away from the Rebel ships. In one part of the battle, the Millennium Falcon and other Rebel starfighters had to defend the communications ship MC80a Independence and the Medical Frigate Redemption from an Imperial onslaught. Unfortunately, they were successful and caused the loss of 160 TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors in 9.26 minutes. If those ships were destroyed by Imperial Forces, it would have been a death blow to Rebel moral.

    During the first stage of the battle, A-Wing squadrons used their jammers to significantly decrease the accuracy of the Empire's TIE starfighters, thereby giving the rest of the Rebels ships a respite from the barrage of Imperial laser fire. These fighters would play a major role in the battle. Green Squadron (A-Wings) were ordered to screen Rebel capital ships from Imperial fighters and bombers. The B-Wings were also essential to the survival of the Rebel Fleet and minimizing of losses caused to it. They were used in thinning the ranks of Imperial fighters and capital ships. They fired their laser cannons at low power to enable their targeting computer to establish a target lock to greatly increase the accuracy of their ion cannons and proton torpedoes. And Blue Squadron (B-Wings) was ordered to attack Imperial command ships.

    Meanwhile on Endor, the captured Rebels were led out of the shield generator bunker and greeted with the sight of a large number of assembled Imperial troops. Out in the forest overlooking the clearing where the Imperial troops were assembled, C-3PO under the direction of R2-D2 announced their presence to Imperial troops. An Imperial officer ordered to bring those two down to where the troops were assembled. 6 Stormtroopers ran up to C-3PO's and R2-D2's position and surrounded them to capture them. Without warning 15 ewoks jumped off of a ridge on to the Stormtroopers and quickly overpowered the troopers with rocks and clubs. With that Teebo and another ewok in the trees signal for the attack to begin. The attack was their rescue of the Rebels. Hundreds of ewoks rose from the vegetation surrounding the clearing bearing bows and arrows. They fired their arrows into the ranks of the surprised Imperial troops.

    Mass confusion affected the ranks of the Imperial troops, which the Rebels took advantage of. Some Imperial officers and Navy Troopers raced back inside of the bunker and sealed its blast doors. The Rebel Commandos were fighting the Stormtroopers for their captured weapons that were piled on the forest floor, while other Imperial Navy Troopers, Stormtroopers and officers raced into the forest to hunt down the ewoks. Princess Leia shot the AT-ST pilot who was still out in the open on top of his AT-ST, Solo was able to wrestle his blaster back from a Stormtrooper, both of Solo and Leia raced to take cover at the bunker entrance. Chewbacca dove into the forest while the Rebel Commandos positioned themselves around the bunker.

    Scout Troopers mounted their speeder bikes and speed off into the forest blasting away at ewoks only to be crushed by rocks launched from the trees. The ewoks grew fiercer every time their fur was scorched by the Scout Troopers, who past over and around the droids. AT-STs were busy blasting away at the ewoks. Stormtroopers were knocked down by ewoks on wines, who after knocking them down beat them with their rock clubs. Ewoks in another end of the battle tried to trip an AT-ST by stringing a vine in its path and using their own weight to hold the vine. Their plan backfired and they were dragged along the forest floor. Ewoks forced pebbles and twigs into the joints of the AT-STs which damaged them. They also hobbled vines into the appendages. The even tried to damage AT-ST ankles by hitting it with their stone hatches, but that had no effect.

    They also set up trip vines set up at throat level, which knocked Scout Troopers off their speeder bikes while chasing ewoks. In another part of the battle ewoks led pursuing Stormtroopers into a trap were waiting ewoks used their bolas against the Stormtrooper's necks. Ewoks were impaling Imperial troops with spears, throwing rocks, jumping out of trees or tangling Imperial troops in nets. Leia tried to open the bunker's blast door, but the codes were changed. In light of this, she called for R2-D2 via comlink to come to the entrance at once so they could open the blast door. The ewoks use gliders to drop rocks on Imperial troops and AT-STs below. Some Imperial troops stayed in the brush near the clearing so they could fight the Rebels who controled access to the bunker.

    The ewoks set up a small group of catapults to attack the AT-STs. An AT-ST came near and they pummelled it with boulders with no effect and resulted in the AT-ST turned its cockpit section and opening fire on the catapults forcing the ewoks to scatter in all directions. The ewoks had effectively pulled Imperial troops from their superior position by forcing them to pursue and fight the ewoks which retreated into the forest. With that the ewoks had the advantage of the knowledge of the terrain on their side.

    Meanwhile the Rebels fighting the space battle still high in moral. Lando was confused why only the Imperial starfighters were attacking. He soon got his answer. The Imperial Fleet was in attack position by the time Commander Merrejk informed Admiral Piett. But Admiral Piett had orders from the Emperor himself to hold his position and to prevent the Rebels from escaping. With that the Emperor revealed that the Death Star II was not as helpless after all. With one swift stroke the MC80 Liberty was first Rebel vessel to be destroyed by the Death Star II's superlaser. This took the entire Rebel Fleet by surprise, Admiral Ackbar's first reaction was to call a retreat, but General Calrissian said that they would never get another chance to attack the Death Star II and that they had to give the Rebel Commandos more time. Even during this stage of the battle, Rebel ships were still hitting the Death Star II's defensive shield that was still in place.

    Meanwhile on Endor, R2-D2 and C-3PO made their way to the bunker entrance. Several Stormtroopers were behind a log were pinning down the Rebels, however ewoks attacked the Stormtroopers from behind which allowed R2-D2 and C-3PO to get to the bunker. R2-D2 did connect to the terminal but was shot by a Stormtrooper. With that Solo decided to "hot wire" the door while Leia covered him. Ewok casualties continued to mount.

    Another Mon Calamari Cruiser got destroyed by the Death Star II's superlaser. The Death Star II was systematically eliminating Rebel ships. With that the Rebel Fleet was ordered to directly engage the Imperial Fleet at point blank range, to use the Imperial Fleet as a shield against the Death Star II. The Rebels sent cargo ships loaded with explosives on collision courses with the Star Destroyers, their crews abandoning those ships to fates that were uncertain, at best. The Rebels engaged the ISD Avenger, the main communications ship. The ISD Avenger was able to destroy a Mon Calamari Cruiser but it was disabled by it, however the ISD Avenger's damage was repairable.

    The Millennium Falcon, Commander Wedge Antilles, Blue Leader, Green Wing and other Rebel fighters made their attack on the Star Destroyer. Green Wing was killed when the left shield generator dome exploded on the ISD Avenger. Unfortunately, the Rebels were able to destroy the ISD Avenger by doing their worst and causing internal explosions in the cargo bay of the ISD, which eventually detonated the main reactor. With the destruction of the ISD Avenger all of the jamming in the area ceased. However, Blue Leader was killed when he was caught in the shock wave of the ISD Avenger's explosion and was thrown against the side of a smaller Imperial ship, which also exploded.

    The capabilities of the TIE Interceptor enabled it to play a pivotal role in the battle. Once the Rebel ships maneuvered their ships into close proximity with the Imperial warships, these starfighters became the Empire's major attack force, destroying almost half of the Rebels' own fighters during this stage of the battle. TIE Interceptors exploited the weaknesses of the A-Wings and B-Wings, as a result these Imperial starfighters were able to win a high percentage of their engagements. Besides serving as the command ship for the Imperial Fleet, the SSD Executor also provided covering fire for the Empire's ships in the battle.

    Meanwhile on Endor, ewoks were pushing trees on Imperial troops. They dug pits which they covered with branches and lured AT-STs there by having the AT-STs chase them until the walkers toppled into the dug-outs. They started rock slides. They dammed a small, nearby stream and then opened the floodgates, flooding the troops and two more walkers. They also jumped on top of walkers from high branches and poured pouches of burning lizard-oil in the gun slits. Chewbacca, Teebo and Wicket were able to capture an AT-ST. With its capture the tide of the battle had irreversible been changed into the Rebels' favour. He followed an AT-ST which was pegging off ewoks and he destroyed the walker. Chewbacca then turned the AT-ST on unsuspecting Stormtroopers and other AT-STs who were totally taken by surprise that one of their own vehicles was being used against them. Ewoks were reinspired and rallied behind Chewbacca's AT-ST.

    The ewoks used lassos and trip-wires on remaining Scout Troopers who were on their speeder bikes. In other parts of the battle ewoks were throwing down rocks at Stormtroopers below from a fallen log. In other areas ewoks led AT-STs into more traps. An AT-ST was crushed between two swinging logs that were cut loose. Another AT-ST was lost when ewoks let loose logs piled on a hill, which caused the AT-ST to lose its footing and balance, causing it to topple to the ground. During the fighting 2 more Rebel Commandos were killed. Solo "hot wired" the blast door, instead of causing it to open, a second blast door closed shut. With that a Stormtrooper shot Princess Leia in the arm and he and another trooper took the initiative to capture them. However Solo hid from their view that Princess Leia readied her blaster. So when Solo moved out of the way Leia was able to blast both Stormtroopers dead. A moment after the troopers' deaths Chewbacca arrived at the bunker's entrance in the captured AT-ST.

    After destroying a Star Destroyer, a Mon Calamari Cruiser with its back alive with flames and explosions came next to another Star Destroyer, exploding and taking the Star Destroyer with it. The Death Star II fired its superlaser again and destroyed the Bulk Cruiser Urjani. Some time during the battle, the Millennium Falcon chased 2 TIE Interceptors up towards the underside of the SSD Executor. Both TIE Interceptors were destroyed by the Rebels, however the Lando got the Millennium Falcon in a large area of fire. To prevent their destruction Lando flew the Falcon into the main hanger of the SSD Executor. They ran through the ship and collided with a repair gantry causing only superficial damage to the Rebel ship. They raked the hanger with concussion missiles and both quad laser cannons. With the damage they caused resulted in a huge fire ball which allowed them to be obscured from Imperial Gunners while they made their escape out of the hanger.

    On Endor the captured AT-ST and the ewoks were able to eliminate the remaining Imperial troops and the AT-ST returned to the bunker. General Solo in an AT-ST pilot uniform contacted the bunker control. The signal was full of static and interference. Solo fooled Major Hewex by stating that the Rebels were routed and that they needed reinforcements to continue the pursuit. Major Hewex ordered Lieutenant Renz to open the blast doors and to send three squads for help. The Imperial Stormtroopers and Navy Troopers along with Imperial officers rush out of the bunker only to be surprised by being surrounded by the ewoks and the Rebels. Unfortunately they surrender with out a shot fired. General Solo, Chewbacca and 5 Rebel Commandos ran into the bunker and placed explosives charges at 11 strategic points in and around the power generator and then ran out of the bunker just before the charges exploded.

    With the shield generator destroyed, the protective shield around the Death Star II dropped and Admiral Ackbar ordered to commence the attack on the main reactor of the Death Star II. But before the Rebels could do that they had to destroy the ISDII Vehement and 128 TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors that were protecting the area that the Rebels needed to get through. The Millennium Falcon led the attack. The ISDII Vehement moved in support of the TIEs to prevent the Rebels from getting through. The ISDII Vehement took a tremendous amount of damage in a very short time. With every shot they missed, TIE Pilots inadvertently aided the Rebels in the destruction of this ISDII.

    Once the shield around the Death Star II dropped, Moff Jerjerrod under orders from the Emperor himself to turn the Death Star II to destroy Endor. The Millennium Falcon, 2 X-Wings, 2 A-Wings and 1 Y-Wing began their run into the Death Star II. Colonel Salm ordered what was left of Grey Squadron to disable Imperial capital ships that were between General Calrissian and the Death Star II. It was at this time when the Emperor was killed by Darth Vader. With the Emperor dead, the all Imperial Forces in the Endor System were put into total confusion, lost their fighting spirit and were put into disarray. TIE Fighters all of a sudden were making fatal errors which allowed Lando and the Rebel fighters following him to stay close to the surface of the Death Star II which helped to avoid anti-starfighter defences with out opposition. The Rebels were able to enter the superstructure of the Death Star II with Commander Antilles leading. Among the group of Rebel fighters were Commander Wedge Antilles and Lieutenant Tycho Celchu. 3 TIE Fighters and 3 TIE Interceptors followed in pursuit.

    The last of the TIE Fighters in the group accidentally hit the side of the superstructure, lost control and bounced around a bit until he was destroyed. The lead TIE Fighter was able to destroy an X-Wing. With that, Lando ordered the rest of the Rebel fighters to head back to the surface to pull away the TIEs. Lieutenant Tycho Celchu led the fighters out of the Death Star II. They were pursued by the remaining 2 TIE Fighters and 1 TIE Interceptor. Meanwhile 2 TIE Interceptors continued to pursue Wedge Antilles and the General Calrissian. It was during this time that the Death Star II started to turn away from the Rebel Fleet in preparation to destroy Endor.

    During the Rebels run to the main reactor, Admiral Ackbar ordered the concentration of all Rebel fire on the SSD Executor to give their fighters more time. A moment later an MC80 destroyed an ISD that was flanking the SSD Executor. After its destruction 2 A-Wings were able to penetrate the SSD's defences and were able to fire off 10 concussion missiles which destroyed the shield generator dome, causing the shields protecting the bridge to drop. Admiral Piett ordered the intensifying of the forward batteries in an effort to protect the now exposed bridge. An X-Wing and an A-Wing piloted by Arvel Crynyd were making their attack run on the SSD Executor's bridge. Imperial Gunners on the SSD were able to destroy the X-Wing. They were able to hit the A-Wing which it caused it to go out of control and smash into the bridge, killing all those on the bridge. With the ship crippled and damage control crews unable to seize control of the SSD Executor through the auxiliary bridge, the Death Star II's gravity pulled this ship into the battle station where it exploded on impact causing significant damage to the battle station.

    However, when the SSD Executor was pulled down its hull smashed into and destroyed 10 Rebel fighters, 2 cruisers and 1 ordnance vessel. The loss of the SSD Executor was a great blow to Imperial moral and a source of coordination, causing the Imperial Fleet into a confused rout. The SSD Executor also took with it a disproportionate fraction of the best young and midlevel officers and crewers. With that the Rebels' Mon Calamari Cruisers began to bombard the exposed superstructure of the Death Star II. With such catrostophy and chaos personnel began to abandon their posts on the battle station. Throughout the battle many A-Wing and B-Wing squadrons were devastated with the tremendous onslaught of Imperial starfighters, but Red Group was unfortunately able to pile up an impressive number of kills while at the same time keeping themselves largely intact. This was so since Commander Wedge Antilles reasoned that the newer Rebel pilots should get the newer Rebel fighters so they could have a better chance against the TIE Interceptors, while Red Group would stick to the X-Wing.

    Meanwhile, Wedge Antilles and Lando Calrissian made raced to the main reactor and made it there. The gunners on the Millennium Falcon kept the TIE Interceptors at bay. Moff Jerjerrod still at his post, half of his personnel were dead, wounded or had fled. The battle station was firing in all sectors. Moff Jerjerrod ordered concentration of all fire in the sector where the Rebel Fleet was closing in. The Rebel fighters in the superstructure eluded the defence system. The Moff ordered the flooding of sectors 304 and 138. However this order made little sense to the aide he was ordering. The battle station was rotating to face Endor. The Moff ordered to accelerate the rotation and within 60 seconds the station would be able to fire at its new target-Endor. Some time passed and in 30 seconds the battle station would be able to fire at its target.

    Wedge Antilles fired a pair of proton torpedoes at the power regulator, while three seconds later Lando fired 4 concussion missiles at the main reactor causing it to explode and collapse upon itself. One of the pursuing TIE Interceptors was vaporized when it hit the reactor's energy field in an attempt to pursue the Millennium Falcon. Wedge Antilles, then Lando and then the lone TIE Interceptor were racing out of the Death Star II for their own safety and with the battle station consuming itself racing towards them. Both Rebel and Imperial Fleets moved away from the Death Star II so they would not be caught in the explosion. Luke Skywalker was able to steal a Lambda-class Shuttle to escape the station just in time. Commander Wedge Antilles and General Calrissian were also were able to make it out. Unfortunately the pursuing TIE Interceptor was not as fortunate.

    The Death Star II was destroyed and thus making another stunning victory for the Rebel Alliance. Unfortunately Imperial strategists counted on stealth and intelligence to win the battle. The number of walkers were kept to a minimum and the troop deployment would centre around the shield generator bunker. The Scout Troopers were key to the defence, since they would have to detect any incoming assaults in advanced so Imperial troops could be redeployed in advanced. And also no one in the Empire expected the Rebel/Ewok alliance.

    The battle raged on for nearly four hours after the Death Star II was destroyed. The Death Star II's explosion almost completely disrupted ship-to-ship communications and scanners. Imperial ships accustomed to superior communications were caught unprepared for the sudden reduction in communication range. 6 other ISDs were lost in engagements that none of them should had trouble with. Captain Gilad Pellaeon did what he could to hold everything together after the ISDII Chimaera's captain was killed. Despite his best efforts, Imperial Forces never regained the initiative against the Rebels. The Rebels who are trained to operate under less than ideal conditions, pressed their assault on various ships and the Empire's unified blockade action degenerated into a series of fierce single engagements.

    During the fighting after the destruction of the Death Star II, the Rebels sent down more troops down to Endor. It was Chewbacca's idea to use Shuttle Tydirium to get by to the fleet. However he didn't mention what fleet. Solo took it upon himself to capture an ISD. Solo was wearing a captured Imperial General's uniform while Lieutenant Page and other Rebel Commandos under his command wore captured Stormtrooper Armour. General Solo managed to convince the captain of the ISD Accuser that he and his troops on board had just escaped from the Death Star II and with that they were brought on board. General Solo and his team went up to the bridge where Solo rendered the ISD Accuser's captain unconscious while Lieutenant Page and his team secured the rest of the bridge crew. Then General Solo activated the ship-wide hull breach alarm and ordered the crew to abandon ship. The ISD Accuser was almost completely operational when the Rebels captured the warship.

    The ISD Adjudicator was also captured, however its engines and power systems were almost totally destroyed and several Rebel heavy cruisers were relegated to towing the captured ISD to a Rebel friendly port. During the battle the ISD Pulsar was forced to surrender to the Rebel Fleet. However, one of its gunners Lieutenant Niclara Varnillian and a small number of Imperial troops managed to capture a Rebel transport and escape. To prevent the Empire from losing even more ships to the victorious Rebellion, Captain Gilad Pellaeon took control of the Imperial Fleet and gave the order to retreat. Unfortunately after the battle, the Rebel Lieutenant Dair Coladel was on a Rebel ship in a low orbit around Endor detected an energy spike coming from the far side of Endor.

    The Modified Lantillian Short Hauler The Star-Beast was launched carrying 6 Rebels. Unfortunately, the Rebels were able to locate and destroy the secret Imperial HoloNet outpost before it could finish the modifications so it could cut through the interference so it could contact the rest of the Imperial Fleet. Rebel Forces were patrolling the area around Endor, a series of minor probing attacks were launched by Imperial Forces against the Rebel sentry ships, which damaged a few Rebel ships. Approximately one hour after the first attack on Rebel sentry ships, Rebel starfighters were forced to repel an attack on the Rebel Medical Frigate Mercy by 5 Imperial Spacetroopers who had stowed away aboard one of the captured ISDs. One A-Wing was destroyed and one Y-Wing was damaged in the skirmish.

    As Rebel repair operations neared the halfway mark, Rebel picket ships detected a series of Imperial system patrol craft in close proximity. No fire was exchanged. At this point Admiral Ackbar ordered a series of sensor drones placed throughout the Endor System and ordered sentry lines to move away from the bulk of the fleet. Any Rebel starfighter pilots not actively patrolling the fleet's perimeter were ordered to augment the already overworked repair crews and salvage operations proceeded around the clock. Roughly two hours after the Rebel starfighters were redeployed, the Rebel sensor net detected the launched of a number of Imperial Probe Droids from the ISD Unrepentant. The ISD hypered out of the area before the Rebels could engage it. Rebel starfighters then destroyed the Probe Droids but several Rebel starfighters suffered damage from the Probe Droid's weaponry.

    A second wave of Imperial Probe Droids were launched against the Rebel Fleet and Rebel starfighters intercepted them. However these Probe Droids were programmed to ram enemy ships when engaged, rather than scan the Rebel Fleet deployment. Several Rebel starfighters were destroyed by the droids and the MC80 Reef Home was dispatched to mop up the remaining booby trapped droids. An Imperial system patrol ship, the Daggerblade was detected shortly after the second wave of probe droids were destroyed. The CR90 Corellian Corvette Old Republic intercepted the Imperial ship and another minor battle ensued. However this time Imperial Forces were the victors. The Daggerblade defeated the Corellian Corvette because it consistently outmaneuvered the corvette's weapons, thereby giving the Imperial ship time to wear down the Rebel ship's defences. The Daggerblade disabled the Rebel corvette's drive system and destroyed the majority of the Rebel sensor net. The Daggerblade disengaged and Rebel reinforcements arrived in time to witness the Corellian Corvette Old Republic explode. There were no Rebel survivors from the corvette.

    Only a minimal number of Probe Droids managed to transmit any data back to the Imperial battle group regrouping at Cannij Barr. The information that made it back was minimal and contradictory. The Probe Droids were ultimately unsuccessful in scanning the deployment of the Rebel Fleet and apparently, the ISD Unrepentant's captain was acting on his own and attempting to ascertain the Rebels' strength and position to report to Imperial Forces at Cannij Barr.

    In the days following the defeat of Imperial Forces on Endor, isolated elements of those forces could still be found in the vicinity of the Imperial shield generator bunker. The Rebels had the base and the landing platform in their possession. The remnants of a Stormtrooper Platoon that was decimated had regrouped themselves into two 10 trooper squads, which were Aurek and Besh. They came across Scout Trooper Explorer Squad Esk-23, which joined their ranks to inflict retribution upon the ewoks for their help in the Empire's defeat, thereby making a total of 30 troopers. The troopers have been surviving by hunting.

    The Scout Troopers discovered a secret entrance to an ewok village and the Imperial Force intended to hit that target. However, unknown to the Imperial Force there was a 10 man squad of Rebel troops (Recon-A) that was at the ewok village who came to assist the ewoks in repairing their village and settling down into their normal routine. The Rebel squad was commanded by Commander Bren Harvist. The ewoks set up 3 traps in their village-a log pincer, a log sweep and a pitfall. They also had a large stockpile of spears and one ewok got its hands on a blaster. Unfortunately, the Rebels and the ewoks were able to eliminate the Imperial troops before they could get in the village to inflict retribution. The Battle of Endor was the last major battle in the Galactic Civil War.