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YT-2000 Family Transport
Name/Model# : YT-2000 Family Transport
Designer/Manufacturer : Corellian Engineering Corporation
Combat Designation : Light Freighter
Scale : Most likely starfighter
Length : 29 Metres
Skill : Unknown
Crew Skill : Unknown
Crew : 2
Skeleton Crew : Most likely 1
Troop Capacity : Unknown
Cost of Craft : Unknown
Nav Computer : Most likely Yes
Sublight Speed : 96 MGLT
Hyperdrive Rating : Unknown
Hyperdrive Backup : Unknown
Atmospheric Speed : Unknown
Manoeuvrability : Unknown
Cargo Capacity : Unknown
Consumables : Unknown
Weapons : 1 Starboard Side-Cockpit Mounted Forward Ion Cannon
2 Turreted Laser Cannons
Sensors : Passive : ?
Scan : ?
Search : ?
Focus : ?
Shields/Hull Rating : Shields 320 SBD. Hull 114 RU (NOTE: Stats reflect the Otana, not stock YT-2000)


    The YT-2000 Family Transport which exhibits an overt family affinity to its forebear the YT-1300 is heavily armed and armoured, and is amazingly agile for its size. It was rumoured that when an Imperial regulatory commission evaluated the craft, CEC's engineers had a difficult time persuading the regulators that indeed the ship was intended for the civilian market. Considered to be an evolutionary development of CEC's long and popular line of light freighters, the YT-2000 like the YT-1300 is venerated for its ability to be adapted to an assortment of jobs.

    Unlike the YT-2000's predecessor (in its stock form), the cockpit is situated in the centre of the craft. Further more, the cockpit set-up is also different. Instead of the pilot and co-pilot sitting side by side, the pilot seated in the front, while the co-pilot is situated behind and raised above the pilot. There is no room for any other persons in the small cockpit, since there are no additional seats. The port side of the cockpit is filled with machinery and controls, while the starboard side holds the cockpit entrance hatch. Even with all of these changes this ship still maintains the traditional YT series saucer design.

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