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Void-Spider TX-3
Name/Model# : Void-Spider TX-3 Air Taxi
Designer/Manufacturer : Bespin Motors
Combat Designation : Landspeeder
Scale : Speeder
Length : 7.6 Metres
Skill : Repulsorlift operation: landspeeder
Crew Skill : Unknown
Crew : 1 Pilot
Troops :
1 Passenger
3 Passengers
Cost of Vehicle : NEW 12,000 Credits
Engine : Quadrex Corestar Repulsorlift Engine
Vehicle Speed :
300 kph (WEG=105)
OR [3 Passenger Variant]
Altitude Range :
5 Metres from Ground Level
OR [3 Passenger Variant]
1 Metre from Ground Level
Manoeuvrability :
OR [3 Passenger Variant]
Cargo Capacity :
7 kg
OR [3 Passenger Variant]
15 kg
Weapons :

None (Weapons can be added)

Cover of Vehicle : 3/4
Shields/Body Strength :
Shields None. Body Strength 1D+1
OR [3 Passenger Variant]
Shields None. Body Strength 1D


    The Void-Spider TX-3 Air Taxi is a curious bubble domed craft, where the occupants sit beside each other, however, they face different directions. From a distance it appears that the TX-3 is a cramped design, but in reality it is far from it. It actually provides more leg room when compared to the ever popular XP-38. An induction cooling system is powered by solar panels that are mounted along the vehicle's exterior. Its repulsorlift engine is highly efficient. This design was on the market at least around the Battle of Yavin. At any given rate, the appearance of the Void-Spider TX-3 is strikingly similar to that of the Void Spider THX 1138.

    A modified version of the TX-3 is found on the planet of Calamari. It is an ocean-going variant that comes complete with specialized stabilizers and safety gear for operations on the water. There also exists a three passenger variant that comes equipped with leather interior, forward and rear seats, alarm system, autopilot and cruise control.

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