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TL-118 StarHammer
Name/Model# : TL-118 StarHammer Short-Range Attack Ship
Designer/Manufacturer : Subpro Corporation
Combat Designation : Heavy Assault Fighter
Scale : Starfighter
Length : 35 Metres
Skill : Starfighter piloting
Crew Skill : Starfighter piloting 3D+1 and starship gunnery 4D+2
Crew : 1 Pilot and 1 Gunner (can co-ordinate)
Cost of Fighter : USED 72,000 Credits
Nav Computer : Yes
Sublight Speed : 4 Space Units
Hyperdrive Rating : Class 3
Atmospheric Speed : 300 kph (WEG=105)
Manoeuvrability : 1D
Cargo Capacity : Unknown
Consumables : 1 Week
Pilot Support Systems : Life Support Unknown / Ejection System Unknown
Weapons : 2 Heavy Laser Cannons
Fire Control: 2D
Damage: 7D

2 Light Laser Cannons
Fire Control: 3D
Damage: 4D

2 Twin Laser Cannons (Fire-Linked)
Fire Control: 1D
Damage: 5D

Concussion Missile Launcher
Fire Control: 1D
Damage: 8D

Air-To-Surface Bombs
Fire Control: 1D
Damage: 9D
Sensors : Passive : ?
Scan : ?
Search : ?
Focus : ?
Shields/Armour Rating : Shields 2D. Hull 5D


    The TL-118 StarHammer Short-Range Attack Ship was manufactured by Subpro Corporation to specifically win a contract with the Old Republic and then later with the Galactic Empire. However, the Empire rejected the StarHammer design. As a result, Subpro sold its first and only production run to anyone willing to pay for the fighters, including security forces, system militias, mercenaries, and crime lords. This starfighter design suffers from a major weakness. One successful strike against the ion engines causes them to emit maximum thrust, sending the fighter out of control in the general direction it was traveling. Its sluggish manoeuvrability and faulty ion engines caused military officials to reject this fighter.

Sources: IA***Pg 43, (Card 19)