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Scout Craft
Name/Model# : Scout Craft
Designer/Manufacturer : Mesens Corporation
Combat Designation : Long Range Scout Craft (NOTE: Designation is speculated)
Scale : Most likely starfighter
Length : 75 Metres
Skill : Unknown
Crew Skill : Unknown
Crew : 2
Skeleton Crew : Unknown
Troop Capacity : 8
Cost of Craft : Unknown
Nav Computer : Most likely yes
Sublight Speed : 80 MGLT
Hyperdrive Rating : Unknown
Hyperdrive Backup : Unknown
Atmospheric Speed : Unknown
Manoeuvrability : Unknown
Cargo Capacity : Unknown
Consumables : Unknown
Weapons : 3 Turbolaser Turrets (1 Bottom, 1 Left, 1 Right)
Sensors : Passive : ?
Scan : ?
Search : ?
Focus : ?
Shields/Hull Rating : Shields 150 SBD. Hull 60 RU
Note : XA incorrectly states 200 SBD and 114 RU shield/hull ratings.


    The Scout Craft is a five engine craft that performs the long range reconnaissance role. It is regularly employed for deep space patrols on the far edges of planetary systems. In Imperial service, this hyperspace capable ship sees use by the Imperial Sector Patrol, and as sentry ships at certain Imperial facilities. An example of such a facility would be the highly classified Vorknkx Project. This design is capable of laying down minefields. It is known that pirates also make use of this ship.

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