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Razor Fighter

Name/Model# Razor Fighter
Designer/Manufacturer Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks
Combat Designation Starfighter
Scale Most likely starfighter
Length ?
Skill ?
Crew Skill ?
Crew 1 Pilot
Passengers 1 Passenger
Cost NEW 75,000 Credits USED 45,000 Credits
Nav Computer Yes
Acceleration 15 MGLT per second
Sublight Speed 98 MGLT
Hyperdrive Rating Class 2
Atmospheric Speed 1,050 kph
Manoeuvrability 86 DPF
Cargo Capacity 110 kg
Consumables 1 Week
Pilot Support Systems ?
Weapons Wing Tipped Dual Lasers
Nose Mounted Dual Ion Cannons
2 Warhead Launchers (4 Concussion Missiles each)
Sensors Passive : ?
Scan : ?
Search : ?
Focus : ?
Shields/Armour Rating Shields 38 SBD. Hull 20 RU
Note The Razor Fighter's price is unusually low. RECG strangely states 8 medium concussion missiles per tube. Also, the Razor Fighter carries a passenger rather than a co-pilot, gunner or astromech droid - which would allow the fighter to take advantage of all its weapons.


    The Razor Fighter was the last fighter model manufactured by the small Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks before the destruction of Alderaan. Everything that the R-41 Starchaser aspires to be is embodied in this starfighter design. Interestingly, the Razor is based upon the R-41. It remains a capable, single engine design featuring sufficient firepower and speed, although having the drawbacks of little internal bracing and meager shields. Lacking a co-pilot, gunner or droid port prevents the Razor from making full use of its entire weapons array on a single strafing attack. Corporations and wealthy families with Imperial permission have made use of Razor Fighters in their security forces.

Sources: RECG***Pg 66, 67 / XA (Tech Library), (Prologue Mission 4), (Battle 4 Mission 1) / XA-SG***220