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Resource Recon Speeder
Name/Model# : Resource Recon Speeder
Designer/Manufacturer : SoroSuub Corporation
Combat Designation : Reconnaissance Speeder
Scale : Speeder
Length : 5 Metres
Skill : Repulsorlift operation: Recon Speeder
Crew Skill : ?
Crew : 2 (Pilot and Sensor Operator)
Troops : 2 Passengers
Cost of Vehicle : NEW 30,000 Credits
Vehicle Speed : 330 kph (WEG=115)
Altitude Range : 5 Metres from Ground Level
Manoeuvrability : 2D
Cargo Capacity : 70 kg
Weapons :


Sensors : Scan: 1 km/1D
Search: 2 km/1D+2
Focus: 500 metres/2D+2
Cover of Vehicle : Full
Shields/Body Strength : Shields None. Body Strength 2D


    The Resource Recon Speeder was on the market at least a few weeks after the Battle of Yavin. Its mission is to locate and analyze potential surface mining sites, and to create detailed maps of all areas transversed. In the case of Lant Mining Corporation, they also generally serve as mobile command centres to direct the hoards of MEMD-2s.

Sources: FBS***Pg 5, 26, 27