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L19 Heavy Freighter

Name/Model# : L19 Heavy Freighter
Designer/Manufacturer : Surron StarTech
Combat Designation : Short-Range Heavy Freighter
Scale : Starfighter
Length : 50 Metres
Skill : Space transports: L19 Freighter
Crew Skill : Varies Widely
Crew : 4 (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Communications and Sensor Operator, Shield Operator)
Skeleton Crew : 1 Pilot (NOTE: While stats state crew 1, background info states standard crew 4)
Troop Capacity : 10 Passengers
Cost : NEW 75,000 Credits USED 28,500 Credits
Nav Computer : Yes
Propulsion System : 2 Surronian (Most likely Surron StarTech) A1.50 Grade Ion Engines
Sublight Speed : 6 Space Units
Hyperdrive Rating : Class 2
Hyperdrive Backup : Class 16
Atmospheric Speed : 950 kph (WEG=330)
Manoeuvrability : 1D
Cargo Capacity : 150 Metric Tons
Consumables : 8 Weeks
Weapons : 1 Dorsal-Mounted Turreted Twin Blaster Cannon
Fire Control: 2D
Space Range: 1-3/12/25 Space Units
Atmospheric Range: 100-300 metres/1.2 km/2.5 km
Damage: 5D
Sensors : Passive : 30 Space Units/1D
Scan : 80 Space Units/2D
Search : 120 Space Units/3D
Focus : 4 Space Units/4D
Shields/Hull Rating : Shields 1D. Hull 6D
Note : PP and SS disagree on hull rating and fire-linking of weapons. PP states 5D hull, while SS states 6D hull. The Bosphon Forever (stolen by Bora Boru), a smuggling ship features reduced cargo capacity of 120 metric tons, turreted ion cannon and fire-linked twin blaster cannon. The Almost Authentic (stolen by the Rebels) features improved manoeuvrability and shields, increased cargo capacity, an added turreted ion cannon, no secondary escape pod and heavily reduced consumables. If L19 encounters pirates, and they roll a moderate or better on a value roll, they will almost always attack to take the ship.


    The L19 Heavy Freighter was the second and moderately more successful attempt by Surron StarTech to gain a toehold in the short-range hauler market. On the market at least a year after the Battle of Yavin, the L19 was intended to compete against tugs and short-range barges. Interestingly, in the short and medium-range markets, the L19 has managed to create a small niche for itself. Although most Surronian designs were well beyond the credit reserves of the average spacer, the L (limited edition)-series, particularly the L19 was affordable. Paradoxically, spare parts for this craft are extremely expensive. The release of the L19 did create some polarized views amongst some citizens of the galaxy, however. Posh yacht owners view the L19 as a sell-out from a respected ship builder, while the average spacer sees it as a toy for the overly wealthy who can now pretend to be "smugglers".

    While dealerships throughout the Galaxy have L19s on hand, most are found in the Core. More fascinating still, the initial production model of the L19 was the L19a. This very luxurious model is highly coveted by enthusiasts, easily fetching over 400 percent of the usual price for a used ship. It must be noted, while many collectors desire the L19 or its parts, very few are actually willing to pay. As a consequence, ship jacking of the L19 is unfortunately common. A further hazard to this design are pirates, who may or may not decide to seize the craft in one piece. However, some honest mechanics (they do exist) who have a soft spot for rare ships, may lower their price just to be one of the privileged few to work on the L19.

    At the L19's nose is its entrance ramp. Behind the entrance ramp, and surrounded by passageways from the ramp is the cockpit and passenger seating area. The cockpit is spacious by contemporary standards. In the cockpit which seats four; the pilot is situated on the right side, while the co-pilot is situated on the left side. Directly behind the co-pilot is the shield astrogation station. Off to the right side, in its own nook at the back of the cockpit is the communications/sensor station. The passenger seating is arranged in two sets. Four seats compose the forward set, while six seats compose the aft set.

    Sandwiched behind the cockpit/seating area and the port/starboard cargo bays is the living area. First in line, on the port side is the ever roomy captain's suite. On the starboard side is an equally roomy first mate's suite. Located behind these personal quarters are six passenger cabins; three per side. These cabins are unusually large due to the insectoid Surronian's overestimation of non-hive privacy. It must be stated however, most owners have refitted half the cabins with double-bunks, as they consider their size to be an unholy luxury. As for the remaining cabins, these tended to be altered to become medical facilities, a larger lounge, or additional cargo space (concealed or not). Sonic shower, refresher, and galley/lounge are located after the passenger cabins.

    Both flanks of the L19 are occupied by its five cargo bays. Cargo bays B and D (both located on the starboard side) are only accessible by cargo lift. Cargo ramps (and doors) on either side of the hull permit loading or unloading of cargo. Two escape pods equip this design. The primary escape pod is situated in its own port-side launch tube. This tube extends from the aft of the passenger seating area to the fore of the ship. Reasoning for this inefficient configuration is unknown. If the primary escape pod was moved much closer forward, cargo bays C and E could have been expanded. Meanwhile, the secondary escape pod's location is also equally vexing, for it is located deep inside (starboard side) cargo bay A.

    Propelling this design through hyperspace are a pair of reversed-engineered Corellian make hyperdrives; mounted below the pair of ion engines. The hyperdrives were re-engineered by the Surronians to fit the L19. There is a benefit to this arrangement, however. These drives are normally the most cost-effective and simplest system to modify on the L19. Unfortunately, this design suffers from a severe lack of accessible hardpoints. As a result, adding additional armament is difficult at best. Its stock weaponry is found mounted atop of the main passenger cabin.

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