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JX40 Jailspeeder

Name/Model# : JX40 Jailspeeder  OR  JX40 Jailspeeder Detention Vehicle  OR  Mobile Detention Wagon  <<Stats taken from WEG>>
Designer/Manufacturer : The Tagge Company (Note that this is the correct spelling)
Combat Designation : Detainee Transport
Scale of Vehicle : Speeder
Length : 14 Metres
Crew : 2
Troops : 45 Prisoners in "Prisoner Stations" and 2 Technicians
Cargo Capacity : 500 kg
Maximum Altitude Range : 10 Metres from ground level
Cost of Vehicle : Not available for sale to the public
Weapons : Stun Panels  (Covers entire surface of vehicle)
Scale: Character
Range: Contact Only
Damage: 2D-8D (variable stun or normal damage)
3 Grenade Launchers  (1 Forward/Left, 1 Forward/Right, 1 Turreted)
Scale: Character
Range: 3-75/150/300 metres
Damage: 5D fragmentation grenades (can use other types of grenades)
Steam Jets  (Covers entire surface of vehicle)
Scale: Character
Range: 0-2 metres
Damage: 6D
Maximum Speed : 160 kph
Manoeuvrability : 1D
Cover of Vehicle : Full
Shields/Body Strength : Shields None. Body Strength 4D+2
Special Abilities : None

    The JX40 Jailspeeder is best described as a portable prison. They are normally sent into a "situation" once Espos have established control. However, the Jailspeeder is often used to block the movement of rioters and thus has a variety of weapons to force them back. The shell of this vehicle is not as heavily armoured as other Espo craft, but it is coated with a conductive polymer that can be charged with stun energy as needed. Also the Jailspeeder has several spotlight emplacements. The prisoners are kept in "prisoner stations" where arrested individuals are placed in stationary arm and leg binders. The prisoners are forced to stand with their arms above their heads for the duration of the trip to the nearest Espo station. The technicians are inside the Jailspeeder at all times to properly place the arrested individuals in binders as well as to conduct interrogations of the prisoners.