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Reference Pictures


Picture File
ImperialOfficerS.jpg   Contains reference pictures of the Officer's Disk (on cap), Rank Code Cylinder, Rank Plaque and Belt Buckle.
OzzelRank.jpg   Contains a close up view of the Rank Plaque and Rank Code Cylinders.
NeedaFull.jpg   Gives good reference to what the entire uniform looks like from head to toe.
ImperialCap.jpg   Gives details on how the cap is constructed.
Needa.jpg   Gives good detail on the cap and colar.
PiettCap.jpg   Gives more detail on the cap. It also gives detail on how the tunic closes up on the right shoulder.
SarnUniform.gif   Gives detail on how tunic colar is held together.
Piett1.jpg   Gives side profile of tunic and cap.
Veers.jpg   Gives good detail on how tunic closes up.
ImpUniform.jpg   Gives more details on construction of tunic. As well as the positioning of the shoulder pockets for the Rank Code Cylinders and the Rank Plaque.
OfficerBack.jpg   Gives back detail of tunic.
VeersGloves.jpg   Gives details of gloves and shows no dress shirt is worn under the uniform.