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Metal Work


NOTE: That all metal work was done using Aluminium.


Officer's Disk (On Cap)
Diameter of Officer's Disk 1 inch
Width of Officer's Disk 3/8 inch


Fleet Admiral Rank Plaque
Length of Rank Plaque 4 3/4 inches
Width of Rank Plaque 1 inch
Number of Rectangles 6
Rectangle Height 5/8 inch
Rectangle Width 1/2 inch
Rectangle Thickness 1/8 inch
Total Thickness of Rank Plaque 1/4 inch
Space from Rectangles to top of Rank Plaque 3/16 inch
Space from Rectangles to bottom of Rank Plaque 3/16 inch
Space between individual Rectangles and sides of Rank Plaque 1/4 inch
SPECIAL NOTES Each corner needs a 1/16 inch hole so you can thread the Rank Plaque to the uniform.


N=Number of Rectangles

Length of Rank Plaque = (N x 1/2) + (N x 1/4) + 1/4


Rank Code Cylinders
Total Height of Cylinder (with blue tip) 3 1/2 inches
Total Diameter of Cylinder (measured from base of cylinder) 11/16 inch
Height of blue tip 3/16 inch
Diameter of blue tip 1/2 inch
SPECIAL NOTES Refer to ImperialOfficerS.jpg about the "blue tip". For the clip use a marker clip. Eg. Clips from the Grand&Toy Permanent Marker Roundedge marker.
Use Chalk Holders


(Fake) Belt Buckle
Length of Belt Buckle 3 inches
Width of Belt Buckle 2 inches
Thickness of Belt Buckle 1/8 inch
SPECIAL NOTES The corners of the buckle need to be rounded off. In the centre of the buckle, a hole needs to be drilled so that an Officer's Disk with an attachment tip can be fitted an glued into place. Behind the Buckle itself are two bars that allow it to slide onto the belt. These improvised clips must hold the fake buckle tightly to the belt itself.