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Hyperfoil 1000

Name/Model# : Hyperfoil 1000
Designer/Manufacturer : Tion Industries, Civil Aeronautics Division
Combat Designation : VTOL (Vertical Take Off/Landing) Speeder
Scale : Speeder
Length : 15 Metres
Skill : Repulsorlift operation
Crew Skill : Varies widely
Crew : 1 Pilot
Troops : 2 Passengers
Cost : NEW 12,500 Credits USED 7,000 Credits
Availability : 3
Speed : 300 kph (WEG=105)
Altitude Range : 50 Metres from Ground Level
Manoeuvrability : 2D+2
Cargo Capacity : 100 kg
Weapons : None
Cover : Full
Shields/Body Strength : Shields None. Body Strength 2D+1


    The Hyperfoil 1000 is a mixed-drive craft that employs both repulsorlift drive systems and hovercraft technology. Its hover engine lifters and repulsorlift boosters deliver a comfortable and smooth vertical lift off up to its maximum altitude range. In horizontal flight, the 1000 relies upon its repulsorlift generator, backed up by the hover generators to provide a fluid flight experience even during sudden manoeuvres or over rough terrain. Landings are cushioned by its hover jets. The result of this propulsion configuration is a craft that operates equally well in both horizontal and vertical movement. Considered to be the ideal urban conveyance in part due to its low maintenance requirements, the 1000 features one interesting ability. The ability to move silently while employing only its hover drives. This craft is truly a prize for the repulsorlift collector.

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