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Hurricane 506 Cloud Car
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Name/Model# : Hurricane 506 Cloud Car
Designer/Manufacturer : Bespin Motors
Combat Designation : Twin-Pod Cloud Car
Scale : Speeder
Length : ?
Skill : Repulsorlift operation: Cloud Car
Crew Skill : ?
Crew : 1 Pilot
Troops : 1 Co-Pilot
Cost of Vehicle : 60,000 Credits
Vehicle Speed : 1,500 kph (WEG=520)
Altitude Range : 50-100 km above Ground Level
Manoeuvrability : 2D+2
Cargo Capacity : 15 kg
Weapons :

1 Forward Double Blaster Cannon (Fire-Linked)
Crew: 1 Gunner (most likely co-pilot)
Fire Control: 1D
Range: 50-400 metres/900 metres/3 km
Damage: 3D

Cover of Vehicle : Full
Shields/Body Strength : Shields None. Body Strength 2D+2


    The Hurricane 506 Cloud Car is one of the variant predecessors of the Storm IV Cloud Car. At least around the Battle of Yavin, the Notsub Security company based on the planet of Tatooine employed this twin-engine design. It features a single cockpit that houses the crew in a cramped toboggan-like situation. This durable machine with its spotless repair record has a tendency to roll to port when accelerating.

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