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Gallofree Yards Medium Transport

Name/Model# : Gallofree Yards Medium Transport  <<Stats taken from WEG and XvsT>>
Designer/Manufacturer : Gallofree Yards Incorporated
Combat Designation : Medium Transport
Scale : Capital
Length : 90 Metres
Crew : 6
Skeleton Crew : 3
Troop Capacity : None
Cost of Craft : NEW 350,000 Credits USED 125,000 Credits
Nav Computer : None
Sublight Speed : 2 Space Units
Hyperdrive Rating : Class 4
Hyperdrive Backup : None
Atmospheric Speed : 650 kph
Manoeuvrability : 0D
Cargo Capacity : 19,000 Metric Tons
Consumables : 6 Months
Weapons : None
Sensors : Passive :10 Space Units/0D
Scan : 25 Space Units/1D
Search : 40 Space Units/2D
Focus : 2 Space Units/3D
Shields/Hull Rating : Shields 480 SBD. Hull 112 RU  (RPG=Shields 1D. Hull 2D)

    The Gallofree Yards Medium Transport is considered to be a "Pirate magnet". This transport is almost amazingly slow, but nevertheless a popular model for its economic upside. These ships are a common mid-range transport that is used throughout the Galaxy. For ships of their size, these transports can haul an immense amount of equipment. The Medium Transport's outer hull is little more than a thick shell with an open interior. It uses modular cargo pods, which allows the quick loading and unloading of cargo. These ships are popular for their easy loading and durability. When full, a magnetic shield locks the cargo modules in place and keeps out the cold hard death of space vacuum.

    The retractable landing gear and landing ramp are located on the underside of the ship. The command pod which is raised above the hull of the transport, contains the transport's shield generator and is the cramped area where the crew operates the craft. Below the command pod is the main reactor cowl, the ship has 3 primary drive engines and 6 secondary drive engines. The Gallofree Medium Transport is no longer manufactured, since the company that produced it went bankrupt several years before the Battle of Yavin. The Medium Transport has always been prone to breakdown and tends to spend as much time in repair bays as in space.
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