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Flare-S Swoop

Name/Model# : Flare-S Swoop  <<Stats taken from WEG>>
Designer/Manufacturer : Mobquet Swoops and Speeders
Combat Designation : Swoop
Scale of Vehicle : Speeder
Length : 2.5 Metres
Crew : 1 Pilot
Troops : 1 if seat is extended to hold an additional passenger
Cargo Capacity : 1 kg
Maximum Altitude Range : 350 Metres from ground level
Cost of Vehicle : NEW 6,500 Credits USED 2,000 Credits
Weapons : None
Maximum Speed : 650 kph
Manoeuvrability : 4D+2
Cover of Vehicle : 1/4
Shields/Body Strength : Shields None. Body Strength 1D+1
Special Abilities : None

    The Flare-S Swoop is a new, improved version of the Nebulon-Q Swoop. This Swoop is the top of the line in most respects in speed, durability and altitude. Swoops are purely built for one thing - speed. These vehicles are little more than powerful engine pods with seats. This particular swoop is a hybrid that combines the best qualities of speeder bikes and standard swoops. While significantly heavier than most swoops, it has a reinforced chassis, reducing the chance of "chassis fracture" during high-gee turning manoeuvres or incidental contract. All the controls are centred in the handlebars and foot pedals. The sensor/scanner/comm controls are located just in front of the rider's seat. Nonetheless the Flare-S is the top of the line in most respects - speed, durability and altitude.

    Swoops are popular for advanced military scouting and have found their ways into the hands of Pirates and criminal gangs. Swoops are also popular sport vehicles and swoop racing is very popular activity in the Galactic Core. Many members of Big Gizz's gang use this type of swoop. Swoop gangs typically customize their swoops. The safety harnesses, commonly known as "sissy straps" are usually cut off and the seat is sometimes extended for an additional rider. A deadman's switch is often installed in the control bars to cause the swoop to slow to a stop, in the event that the pilot should release the handlebar grips while the thrusters are engaged (in case the rider is knocked or shot off his bike).

    Professional swoop racers wear fully sealed flight suits with independent oxygen supplies for high-gee manoeuvres and high-altitude flight, while elaborate safety harnesses keep them in the saddle. However, most swoop gangs laugh at these precautions, ignoring the "splat-suits", "sissy straps" and even avoiding wearing helmets to pursue a dangerous, high-speed life on the edge. The best pilots awe even casual observers as they coax their swoops through complex manoeuvres commonly thought impossible; pilots who push themselves beyond their abilities end their careers abruptly. These vehicles are not suited for the faint of heart or the young and overconfident.

    Forward control vanes and longer stabilizer bars make this swoop more forgiving of pilot error. A central repulsor pod on the forward frame extension gives the pilot a greater chance of regaining control if the swoop begins to tumble. The engine components are housed in the reinforced chassis, with the seat over the entire assembly. Manoeuvrability is provided by the steering vanes, balance modules in the repulsorlift units (including the forward repulsorlift pod), angling turbothruster nacelles, adjusting altitude and the pilot shifting weight around. Engine vents ensure the thrusters and repulsorlift motors all roar in a cacophony of power. Intakes at the front of the engine forced air through the turbothrusters, generating increased thrust, while directional thrust nozzles at the rear of the swoop allow increased fine manoeuvring. However, this swoop is still tricky for even the most experienced pilot.