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Espo Walker 91

Name/Model# Espo Walker 91
Designer/Manufacturer SecuriTech Corporation
Combat Designation Light Walker
Scale Walker
Length ? (Height is also unknown)
Skill Walker operation: Espo Walker
Crew Skill Missile weapons 4D, vehicle blasters 3D+2 and walker operation 4D
Crew 1 Pilot
Troops None
Cost USED 20,000 Credits
Speed 60 kph (WEG=21)
Altitude Range Vehicle walks on land
Manoeuvrability 1D+2
Cargo Capacity 30 kg

1 Forward Light Blaster Cannon
Fire Control: 1D
Range: 10-50/100/200 Metres
Damage: 3D+2

1 Forward Heavy Stun Cannon
Fire Control: 1D
Range: 10-50/100/200 Metres
Damage: 4D (Stun)

1 Forward Concussion Grenade Launcher
Scale: Character
Fire Control: 1D
Range: 10-50/80/160 Metres
Damage: 4D+2

Cover 1/2
Shields/Body Strength Shields None. Body Strength 1D+2


    The Espo Walker 91 is the predecessor to the Espo Walker 101. This walker is only available used, since it was replaced by the Espo Walker 101 long ago. It is believed that the m'Yalfor'ac Order obtained a small number of these walkers via hijacking a CSA lighter traveling through the Kadok Regions en route to the Corporate Sector. The Order employs this walker on the l'Quar'ta continent on the Bitthaevrian homeworld of Guiteica. For the m'Yalfor'ac Order the Espo Walker 91 has proven excellent for defence as well as patrol in the steep ranges in the northern areas of the l'Quar'ta continent. Although the Espo Walker 91's design is closer to a scaled down AT-ST, it performs a role similar to the AT-PT. Its chassis is more upright than that of the AT-PT's "crouching" stance.

Sources: AIR***Pg 44, 49-51