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Eclipse Sail Barge
Name/Model# : Eclipse Sail Barge
Designer/Manufacturer : Gefferon Pleasure Craft
Combat Designation : Sail Barge
Scale : Speeder
Length : 30 Metres
Skill : Repulsorlift operation: sail barge
Crew Skill : Varies widely
Crew : 5
Skeleton Crew : 2 (+10 DIFFICULTY)
Troops : 225 Passengers
Cost of Vehicle : NEW 250,000 Credits USED 50,000 Credits
Vehicle Speed : 80 kph (WEG=28)
Altitude Range : 10 Metres from Ground Level
Manoeuvrability : 0D
Cargo Capacity : 250 Metric Tons
Weapons :


Cover of Vehicle : Full to 1/4
Shields/Body Strength : Shields None. Body Strength 2D


    The Eclipse Sail Barge features massive sails, as a throwback to the legendary days of early planetary exploration and are covered with glaring ornamentation. Usually, the Eclipse which is capable of crossing any smooth, rolling or flat surface is employed as a pleasure craft, vacation vessel or tourist vehicle. These massive vehicles are long on luxury, but are short on practicality.

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