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Discril Attack Cruiser
Name/Model# : Discril-class Attack Cruiser
Designer/Manufacturer : Daupherm
Combat Designation : System Attack Cruiser
Scale : Capital
Length : 85 Metres
Skill : Capital ship piloting: Discril Cruiser
Crew Skill : Varies widely
Crew : 196  Crew 150 + Gunners 46
Skeleton Crew : 75 (+10 DIFFICULTY)
Troop Capacity : 60 Troops
Cost of Craft : USED 500,000 Credits
Nav Computer : Yes
Sublight Speed : 5 Space Units
Hyperdrive Rating : Class 3
Hyperdrive Backup : Class 20
Atmospheric Speed : None
Manoeuvrability : 1D
Cargo Capacity : 7,800 Metric Tons
Consumables : 2 Weeks
Weapons : 5 Turreted Laser Cannons
Crew: 4 Gunners per cannon
Fire Control: 1D+1
Space Range: 3-15/35/75 Space Units
Atmospheric Range: 6-30/70/150 km
Damage: 4D

4 Forward Tri-Particle Beamers
Crew: 2 Gunners per beamer
Fire Control: 2D
Space Range: 1-10/25/50 Space Units
Atmospheric Range: 2-20/50/100 km
Damage: 3D

3 Forward Tri-Laser Cannons
Crew: 6 Gunners per cannon
Scale: Starfighter
Fire Control: 1D
Space Range: 1-3/12/25 Space Units
Atmospheric Range: 100-300 metres/1.2 km/2.5 km
Damage: 4D
Sensors : Passive: 30 Space Units /0D
Scan: 60 Space Units /1D+2
Search: 90 Space Units /2D
Focus: 3 Space Units/3D
Shields/Hull Rating : Shields 1D. Hull 4D
Note : PP incorrectly spelled Daupherm as Duapherm. PP also gives incorrect gunner numbers; number reflects the Retribution. The Retribution run by the pirate Evram Darkmere features stronger shields and hull, 6 turbolaser cannons, 4 tri-particle beamers, 1 tractor beam project (all these are capital scale) and 2 tri-laser cannons (starfighter scale).


    The Discril-class Attack Cruiser is slowly being phased out of service with the Daupherm Planet States' military, due to the realization that this design is obsolete. During the Daupherm Planet States - Botor Enclave war, the Discril Attack Cruiser was the standard ship of the Daupherm Marines. This design existed at least some time between the 30 year period from the Daupherm-Botor war and the Battle of Yavin. Some of these ships have been mothballed for future upgrades, others scrapped, while several others have found their way onto the used arms market to be sold to less advanced star systems. It is known that pirates make use of this ship, such as the Retribution run by the pirate Evram Darkmere.

Sources: CRO***Pg 6 (timeline placement), 86-88 / PP***Pg 55, 56