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Correct Answers to TQ23


Campaign Uzbec-Repo the Spaceport
    With one more day till Imperial reinforcements arrive it is imperative that we retake the spaceport. Therefore captain, your orders are as follows: repossess operational control of Uzbec's sole spaceport and prevent the Rebels from destroying the base's sensor tower, as we need those sensors to track Rebel movements on this planet. There are anti-vehicle barricades (indicated by the grey crosses) protecting the spaceport's entrance. They prevent the movement of both repulsorlift and non-repulsorlift vehicles (but not infantry). Due to mounting Stormtrooper casualties, the Imperial Army Troopers which you freed in the last engagement will now make up your infantry forces. Your forces include 3 S-1 FireHawke Repulsortanks, 2 Light Imperial-class Repulsortanks, 1 AT-PT, and 3 squads of Imperial Army Troopers (24 troopers in all). The Rebels are fielding 1 Heavy Tracker, 3 Rebel Armoured Freerunners, 2 Rebel ULAVs, and 4 squads of Rebel Troopers (40 troops in all). Supplementing the Rebels' forces are a pair of captured Hoverscouts (from the spaceport's complement).

Note that a squad of eight Stormtroopers are available as reinforcements and they will appear in Grid E1. They will be traveling upon an unarmed, unarmoured repulsorlift sled with a speed of 40 kph. Those troopers are only armed with an E-11 Blaster Rifle and have no Thermal Detonator. The Imperial Army Troopers are each equipped with a blast helmet, body armour, E-11 Blaster Rifle and 2 Anti-Personnel Concussion Grenades, except for four troopers who are fielding BlasTech T-21 Light Repeating Blaster (those troopers still have their helmets and body armour). Like the Stormtroopers, all of the Army Troopers have been equipped with swing lines to allow them to scale steep natural obstacles. All of the Rebel Troopers are equipped with a BlasTech DH-17 Blaster Pistol and 1 Anti-Personnel Grenade.

Each square represents 100 Metres of distance.

>>To find out more info on the battle, in the Tactical Map place your cursor over the ships and wait a few moments for the caption of data to pop up for that particular vehicle.<< [[NOTE: Click on the listings in the LEGEND below to see their data entries]]

S-1 FireHawke Heavy Repulsortank
Light Imperial-class Repulsortank
Imperial Army Trooper Squad
Heavy Tracker
Rebel Armoured Freerunner
Rebel ULAV
Rebel Trooper Squad
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Correct Response Number 1
This is probably a very risky plan. It is going to require a lot of balls to work but I'm sure the army can handle it. It will defently require the skill and experience of the stormtroopers even though they are small in numbers and badly equipt - note. suggest a firm talking to, to the comander in charge of supply this is rediculous.

The basics of the plan are thus. A frontal battery by the armoured units, while the stormtroopers infiltrate the base and retake the sensors.

The Plan

Okay here goes. All armoured units are to move into good stand and firing positions. The Hvy tanks to D and C 6, the Lt tanks to D5. There role is simple. If it moves shoot it! There primary targets will be the hoverscouts and free runners, they provide close nicely bunched up targets but they are very dangerous and should be put out of action ASAP! One Hvy tank will position itself so it can see between the cliff tops allowing it a lovely view of the Heavy Tracker and the Ulavs. Its primary target will be the tracker and all its sensory equipment - not too mention the big gun! Should the Ulavs come to aid their fellows the Hvy tank will target them as they negotiate their own defenses - maybe even cause a traffic accident or two.

The AT-PT and the army troops will move into the covering forest within D3 and 4. They will target the opposing infantry. I doubt any rifles will be in range though if the Lt repaeters are they can happily plaster any rebel they wish. To that extent the main objective here is to keep the troops pinned so they cannot support there armour or move to attack the infiltrators.

Once the battle is happening and the enemy distracted the stormtroopers arrive. If the river is unsafe to cross they will use their repulsor sled to cross. This should be avoided as the repulsor sled would likely be picked up by the enemy tracker - hopefuly the tracker will be busy dodging blaster rounds to worry. Once across the stormtroopers will climb the cliff and as stealthily as possible make there way to the sensors, overpower the enemy troops and hold the array. This will be easy, even though badly equipt, the stormtroopers should easily wipe out this batch of vagabonds.

Once the stormtroopers initiate combat the troops will charge the field and climb the clifftop. If once again the water unsafe the repulsor sled will take them across. Once they climb up they are to join and aid the stormtroopers. The AT-PT will provide fire support.

Mopping up

Okay, primary objective complete but the battle is not won. No doubt casulties will be high on both sides. At this point the secondary objective is the tracker. It should either be taken or destroyed assuming it is still in action. Under cover fire from any opperational tank the troops will attempt to charge and take the tracker. If the solders are discreet enough and cover fire accurate the tracker should be caught by suprise and cause minimum casulties. Once taken should fire controls still be working the now liberated tracker will give the rebels a taste of their own medicine. At this point all surviving armour will advance and destroy any survivers.


As I said risky. But with Imperial no how it could be done!

Praise the emperor!

Richard 'dwarfman' Smith

Correct Response Number 2
Objective: Retake spaceport & prevent destruction of the sensor tower.
Threats: …to the Objective: The main danger is the destruction of the sensor tower; this cannot be achieved by the rebel infantry, as they have no demolitions tools, but the Heavy Tracker & the RULAVs, stationed as a Rebel reserve, are likely able to do this in a jiffy if they have time to notice that they are loosing the battle. The task is thus to lure them away from the sensor tower, or destroy them with timely expediency ;-) …to own assets: The Heavy Tracker (“HT” hereafter) is likely to stay put and snipe at any vehicle that exits out of occlusion from the southern bridge supports, and it can kill a S-1 with only a few hits at most! The 3 RAF freerunners are less dangerous; they each have 2 guns that can inconvinience the S-1, but are fragile, so are good early targets for elimination; the 2 Hoverscouts (“HS”) are even more hardhitting, and dangerous to the infantry too, so should go first! The 2 RULAVs are only dangerous if they turn their stern, so should be taken out as they approach.As usual the Rebel infantry is inferior to our infantry, this time having fewer grenades as well as shorter ranged guns.

Initial Considerations & Orders:
“The Infantry Battle”:
The Rebel infantry can be safely ignored for now, but the E-11 Troops should join up with the Stormtroopers to assault them from behind ASAP; to get there in reasonable time they are ordered to hoof it over to the rivershore at D3, hopefully under only sporadic enemy fire as the other units go straight on the offensive, presenting a more immediate threat. The Stormtroopers’ transport will drop the Stormies on the north bank at D1 and head over the river to ferry the 20 Army troopers, in relays, over the river to form up with the Stormies at the D1-D2 border. 16 of the Army troops will then head up and attack the rebel infantry (with grenades used around the southern buildings east corner), while the Stormies, supported by 4 army troopers, go around the west corner to secure the sensor tower, and then cover the Army troops from an outflanking move from the A1-B1 area, as the Army troops set up in cover of the anti-vehicle barricades to snipe at the remaining Rebel infantry.

“The Armour Battle”:
The four T-21 -equipped Army troops will drop to the ground and open up on RAF 1 & HS 1, then shift fire to other targets as these are destroyed or their line of fire is occluded by friendly armor. The LIRs Alpha 1 & 2 will be used to cover the more valuable S-1s (Gladiator "Gla." 1-3); to do so they & the Gladiators will move into better cover of the bridge supports of the southern bridge with respect to the HT, while the LIRs speed ahead of the Gladiators, to make themselves better targets for RAF 2 &3 & HS1&2 then the Gladiators; as they do so Alpha 2 will open fire at RAF 2, Alpha 2 & Gla. 1 both at RAF 3; Gla. 2 at HS 2, & Gla. 3 at HS 1; the AT-PT will be shooting at RAF 1 while making its way towards the C4 bridge corner, covering the infantry and getting into grenade range of Rebel squad 3 to distract them from seeing or reporting the infantry move. The T-21 Army Troopers, and the AT-PT, will be ready to shift fire to the approaching RULAVs as they draw near, at which time the LIR/Gladiator team should have eliminated their four initial targets.

As the RULAVs approach, the risk that the Rebels will take out the sensor tower with the HT makes it worthwhile to “go for broke” and unmask from the bridge. As the AT-PT and T-21s attacks the RULAVs; any surviving LIRs cover the Gladiators, as they all rush out in the open and open up at the HT. The LIRs will move forward over the river to get a shot at the front of the RULAVs as soon as this move is complete, the Gladiators will keep firing on the HT until it is down.

The AT-PT will join the infantry mop-up if it survives. The remaining armour will hang back and let the E-11 -equipped infantry do the close up work, only giving supporting fire from a safe distance from the Rebel infantry, to minimize the risk of an infantry grenade attack on the nearly unescorted tanks. After all: no reason to loose tanks after victory has been secured ;-) (They have only 4 troops available for infantry support after all)

- Holger Vissing Bjerre

Galactic Empire Data Bank's Answer

    Due to the vulnerability of the Imperial Army Troopers they would all be ordered into the forest. Once in the forest, all but those troopers carrying the T-21s would make their way to Grid E1. The T-21 carrying troopers would go to Grid D4 and would lend supporting fire against the Rebel vehicles. At this stage in the battle, the Hoverscouts pose the greatest threat due to their armament and thus they need to be eliminated first. The S-1 FireHawkes would keep on the constant move and would concentrate their heavy laser cannons against the Rebel Armoured Freerunners, while their medium blaster cannons would be concentrated against the captured Hoverscouts. Supporting the attack against the Hoverscouts would be both Light Imperial-class Repulsortanks and the AT-PT which they too would keep on the constant move.

    In short, the Hoverscouts would be quickly destroyed, thus considerable reducing the Rebels' available firepower. However, the attack on the forces guarding the bridges will bring in support from the pair of Rebel ULAVs. And as a result Imperial Forces must stay out of range of those vehicle's forward weapons (max range of 200 metres), which would force the ULAVs to solely rely on their aft weapon. With the Hoverscouts eliminated, the FireHawkes would concentrate all their fire on the RAFs, with the LIRs harassing the Rebel ULAVs. Meanwhile, the AT-PT being covered by the repulsortanks would attack Rebel Squad 3 with its concussion grenades while lending supportive fire against the RAFs. Once Rebel Squad 3 and its possible reinforcement by Rebel Squad 4 are eliminated the AT-PT would switch all of its fire against the Freerunners. By this time Stormtrooper reinforcements would be called.

    As soon as the Stormtroopers arrive all but one would dismount the repulsorlift sled. That one trooper would ferry Aurek, Besh and Cresh Squads across the river. After which, one Army Trooper would take the Stormtrooper's place on the sled and move it to the forest. Using their swing lines the troopers would scale the ridge at Grid E1. Once on top the troopers would break up into two groups (Alpha [containing eight Stormtroopers and six Army Troopers] and Beta [containing thirteen Army Troopers]), which would attack from Grid C1. Alpha Group would concentrate on Rebel Squad 1 which is protecting the sensor tower, while Beta Group would target Rebel Squad 2, but it would keep its distance. Their attacks would occur at the same time. However, before the attack can begin two of the RAFs must be destroyed. With that the T-21 carrying troopers would run through the forest and meet up with the sled that would transport them across the river. The five troopers (driver and the four T-21s) would scale the ridge with swing lines and would assist and later join Beta Group.

    Once the sensor tower is secured (after Alpha group had checked for any demolitions and removed them), Beta Group would move to Alpha Group's position in a fighting retreat, if Rebel Squad 2 is not destroyed. The troops holding the sensor tower would strip the dead Rebels of their grenades. However, there is a risk that the Rebels will bring in their Heavy Tracker to either retake or destroy the sensor tower upon learning that it is under attack. It is assumed that the Heavy Tracker (while being supporting by any remaining Rebel squads) will move against the infantry trying to take the sensor tower. Therefore, as soon as the attack on the sensor tower begins, Imperial armour must press the attack so that the Heavy Tracker can be destroyed before it can harm the sensor tower.

    With the AT-PT providing fire support from the shore of the river it would concentrate its fire against the remaining RAF; all of the Imperial repulsorlift tanks would cross the river. One of the S-1 FireHawkes would go after the Heavy Tracker to destroy it (on its way to its target the S-1 would try to destroy one of the ULAVs). With the Heavy Tracker engaged, the T-21 carrying troopers would provide fire support, while being protected against Rebel infantry attacks by the Stormtroopers and Army Troopers. Meanwhile, the other Imperial repulsorlift tanks would keep the Rebel vehicles engaged (which would allow the AT-PT to directly join the fray) and finish them off. Once the remaining RAF is destroyed, the AT-PT would move to support the attack against the Heavy Tracker while the remaining repulsorlift tanks would finish off the ULAVs. It would not be long after till the remaining Rebels are defeated.