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Correct Answers to TQ


Campaign Uzbec-Acquisitions
    It will take at least two days for reinforcements from the Imperial Navy to arrive. With that in mind, we have our work cut out for us in taking back Uzbec from the Rebels. Your next task captain, is to retake the base's barracks which the Rebels are using to hold Imperial Army prisoners. In addition to freeing our comrades, we will be gaining our most valuable asset on this planet, our FireHawke Repulsortanks. The barracks are protected by strips of anti-repulsorlift mine fields (which are designated as the blue strips on your tactical map). These mines are powerful enough to destroy your repulsorlift vehicles. But they do have a weakness, they cannot be set off by non-repulsorlift craft. In addition there are anti-vehicle barricades (indicated by the grey crosses) which prevent the movement of both repulsorlift and non-repulsorlift vehicles (but not infantry). Your company includes 2 Stormtrooper Augmented Squads (total of 18 troops), 2 AT-PTs, and 2 Light Imperial-class Repulsortanks. You will be facing a Rebel force of 4 squads of Rebel Troopers (total of 32 troops), 1 Hover Tank T1B, and 1 Heavy Attack Tank T3B.
Note that there are no reinforcements available. All but four of your Stormtroopers are equipped with only the BlasTech E-11 Blaster Rifle. The four remaining Stormtroopers (two per squad) are equipped with a BlasTech T-21 Light Repeating Blaster. Included in Aurek and Besh Squads are a total of 4 Stormtrooper Engineers capable of operating mobile equipment. All of the Rebel Troopers are equipped with a BlasTech DH-17 Blaster Pistol and 1 Anti-Personnel Grenade. Two of the Rebel squads are equipped with a Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Launcher (Range 250 metres. Max Blast Radius = 5 metres); of which one has anti-personnel canisters and the other has anti-vehicle canisters.

Each square represents 50 Metres of distance.

>>To find out more info on the battle, in the Tactical Map place your cursor over the ships and wait a few moments for the caption of data to pop up for that particular vehicle.<< [[NOTE: Click on the listings in the LEGEND below to see their data entries]]

S-1 FireHawke Heavy Repulsortank
Light Imperial-class Repulsortank
Stormtrooper Squad
Heavy Attack Tank T3B
Hover Tank T1B
Rebel Trooper Squad
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Correct Response Number 1
The goals as I see them in this mission are, in order of importance, (1) to rescue the imperial prisoners (2) to recover our Firehawk Repulsortanks and (3) to eliminate the rebels in the area. However I think that goal (3) must be completed before goal (1) can be safely managed and that goal (2) is necessary to the completion of goal (3) and so, in turn, goal (1). Therefore goal (2) must be Step One, goal (3) Step Two and goal (1) Step Three.

Step One

The AT-PTs and Light Repulsortanks will begin a light harassment fire against the middle of the rebel line using the trees and any other cover available to prevent casualties. They will try to appear an ill-conceived and timid attack by a mere handful of soldiers. They should inflict damage if they can, but their object is to distract the rebel forces and avoid casualties.

While the rebels are distracted squads Aurek and Besh should move quietly along the shelf by the lake and come out well to the left of the facility were they will use the cover of the forest to sneak up to and into the yard on the left, unhampered by the anti-vehicle barricades, which contains Firehawks Gladiator 1 and 2. They should not attempt to free the prisoners at this time because such an attempt is very likely to sound the alarm.

Step Two

Once inside the yard the engineers will crew the two Firehawks with a skeleton crew and swiftly and suddenly eliminate the rebel squad with the anti-vehicle flechette launcher and then turn their fire on the Hover-Tank. Once the Hover-Tank is destroyed the remainder of squads Aurek and Besh will eliminate the Hover-Tank's other support squad.

While squads Aurek and Besh finishing their job, the Firehawks, along with the Light Repulsortanks (staying on their side of the repulsor mines) will move in on the now hopelessly outgunned Attack-Tank. While the two groups of Repulsortanks pound the Attack-Tank the AT-PTs will cross the repulsor minefield and annihilate the rebel squad with the anti-infantry flechette launcher and then turn to the Attack-Tank. With the anti-infantry launcher gone squads Aurek and Besh will rush the Attack-Tank's other support squad. At this point the battle will no longer be a contest.

Step Three

With the rebels neutralized we can begin freeing the prisoners and rearming and regrouping for our next engagement.

Johnny Farrar

Correct Response Number 2
Objective: Retake the barracks & the S-1 FireHawke Repulsortanks.
Threats: The main danger comes from the T3B Heavy Attack Tank, for which the data is limited, but it seems likely to be able to stand up to anything but a recaptured FireHawke, or possibly a concerted (and desperately last ditch) attack with multiple thermal detonators. The Photon Torpedoes it carries would also be devastating to troops in the open, so the troops should stay in the cover of wooden foliage whenever possible. The T1B Hover Tank and the two FC-1 flichette launcher support weapons are a lesser problem, as they should be vulnerable to AT-PT blasters, T-21 Light Repeaters, and in the FC-1s case AT-PT indirect fire.
Clarifiers: the cliff shelf is accessible from E3 & D1 (obviously)

Initial Considerations & Orders:
The 4 T-21 stormtroopers and 4 of the E-11 stormtroopers will form a ad hoc team; the E-11 men will enter the woods to scout out positions for the T-21 and themselves from which they can fire at the rebels while enjoying cover from the vegetation, in particular cover against the T3B proton torpedoes. Another 2 E-11 men are detailed to scout out positions appropriate for the AT-PTs to fire at the hover tank, while covered from the T3B, and spotting positions for themselves. After the positions are marked, the T-21 men move into theirs, and the E-11 men take up supporting positions to spot and/or add weight of fire.

AT-TP Beta 1 & 2 will initiate the engagement by firing indirectly, over the strip of woods, assisted by the observation from the two E-11 men, in the woods, detailed to them. Their initial targets are the anti-vehicle and the anti-personnel FC-1s respectively. After these are suppressed to the point that one T-21 can keep them ineffective, the AT-PTs move up to the positions in the woods scouted for them earlier, to take on the T1B hover tank with direct fire. When the T1B is out of the action, they shift their focus back to mopping up the FC-1 squads with both direct and indirect fire from the woods. After the T3B is destroyed they will come out of cover to help mop up any remaining rebel infantry.

The 4 T-21 men will split to engage each FC-1 with 2 weapons each in the initial salvo, to make them go to ground. The 4 E-11 men will assist by adding their fire against the two remaining squads, to keep the situational awareness of the rebels minimized. After the initial salvo, only 1 E-11 will keep each of rebel squads 2 & 4 engaged, while a T-21 & an E-11 will keep each of the two more dangerous squads busy and in cover as the AT-PTs move up into their direct fire positions. The remaining 2 T-21s will engage the T1B hover tank to at least keep it occupied until the AT-PTs take it on, then switch back to ?infantry squads of opportunity?, trying to suppress whatever rebel squads seems the most willing to stick their heads up, and particularly denying the top of the ridgeline from any rebels trying sneaking over for a peek down at the last 8 members of the stormtrooper complement.

The only sure way to deal with the T3B tank is to activate a FireHawke.
A detachment will be formed to do so, consisting of the 4 stormtrooper engineers to perform as crew for FireHawke Gladiator-1 or Gladiator-2 and the 4 remaining E-11 -armed stormtroopers, who guard the stormtrooper engineers in the approach and later cover the FireHawke against rebel infantry. The detachment is to set off along the cliff shelf as soon as the rebels are put under fire by the other units, using the initial confusion to mask their move.

They are to proceed with all haste along the shelf, then to enter the wood at the other end of the shelf and enter the vehicle park along the C-D grid map border, there to take possession of Gladiator-1 under cover of Gladiator-2 if the clearance seems to allow Gladiator-1 to exit the compound around Gladiator-2. If sufficient room is not available, they are to stealthily board Gladiator-2 while the rebels in grid D3 are kept occupied by the other units.

Once either FireHawke is fired up it is to engage the T1B hover tank with the main cannon, should the T1B still be in action, then manoeuvre clear of the barracks that occlude it for the T3B and engage said (the T3B). The blaster cannon will take on any remaining rebel infantry in coordination with the 4 stormtroopers, who will use the FireHawke as moving cover as they in turn cover it against infantry attack.

LIR (Light-Imperial Repulsortank) Alpha 1 will set up at the left flank, behind the wood, and will engage in pop-out attacks against rebel squad 1 & 2 after the anti-vehicle FC-1 has been taken out or is well suppressed, it will also aide in suppressing any snooping along the cliff edge.
LIR Alpha 2 will set up at the right flank, also in cover, and will stay put unless the T3B decides to advance and sweep around the wood, in which case Alpha 2 will be used as kamikaze cover for the 10 stormtroopers in the wood as they try to overwhelm the T3B with thermal detonators from behind (most likely the wreck of) Alpha 2. Should Gladiator-1 or 2 be successful in eliminating the T3B, Alpha 2 & 1 will join in the mop-up of any remaining rebel infantry units.

- Holger Vissing Bjerre

Galactic Empire Data Bank's Answer

    Have both pairs of Stormtrooper Engineers climb (and lay prone) on top of Repulsortanks Alpha 1 and 2 - this will allow them to quickly disembark from the tanks (to allow them to quickly pass through the vehicle barrier or to avoid being killed by an incoming proton missile fired by the Rebel T3B). Both of Alpha 1 and 2 would gun it at full speed towards the path located in Grids E3 through E1. Meanwhile, both AT-PTs would pummel the Rebel T1B with their concussion grenades, however in an effort to prevent them from easy targets for the Rebel T3B's proton missiles they would remain on the move behind the barrier of trees. Every so often, they would emerge in Grid E4 to take shots at the Rebel T1B. During this, the four Stormtroopers armed with T-21s would take prone positions on left flank of the forest barrier [Grid E4] (while using it as cover) and fire upon the Rebel T1B. This combined firepower should knock the T1B out fairly quickly (mostly due to the AT-PT's concussion grenade barrage).

    With the Rebel T1B destroyed, the AT-PTs would switch to bombarding the T3B with their concussion grenades (if they have not been destroyed) with the T-21 wielding Stormtroopers supporting. Joining those T-21 wielding Stormtroopers would be a pair of troopers from Aurek Squad, whose mission would be to snipe and destroy the FC-1 launcher [Grid D3] with their E-11s. Two Stormtroopers from Besh Squad would take prone positions on the right flank of the forest barrier [Grid D6] (while using it as cover) and from there they would use their E-11s to snipe the FC-1 launcher itself [Grid C4] (to destroy it). Once the FC-1s have been destroyed, those Stormtroopers would begin sniping at the Rebel infantry. Meanwhile, the remainder of Aurek and Besh squads would take cover behind the forest barrier. However, as soon as the FC-1s have been destroyed, Stormtroopers from Aurek and Besh would take prone positions in Grid E4 to engage the Rebel infantry in Grid D3 and D4.

    Once Alpha 1 and 2 transverse the path, they would get as close as possible to the vehicle barrier to let the Stormtrooper Engineers off and then they would move to engage the Rebel T3B (exploiting their speed to their advantage). On their way to open ground where they could exploit that advantage (path from Grid D3 to D4), they would lower themselves as close as possible to the ground and would attempt to "run over" the Rebel infantry in Squad 1 via hit and run. However, should one or both Repulsortanks be destroyed before then, the Stormtrooper Engineers would make their way towards the vehicle barrier on foot. The Stormtrooper Engineers would then move to capture S-1 Gladiator 1 and 2. One trooper would man the turret while other other would man the driver station. As soon as the re-captured S-1 FireHawkes have been powered up they would move to engage the Rebel T3B. After the Rebel T3B has been destroyed, the FireHawkes in combination with any remaining vehicles and Stormtroopers would finish off the Rebel infantry.