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Correct Answers to TQ18


Operation Repulse-Beginning of the End
    The Rebel Battle Line originally encountered in the Andorus Cluster has been considerably reduced in strength and size over the past few engagements. However, the Rebels have struck back. In the past week and a half the Rebels have managed to silence two Imperial monitoring posts causing significant gaps in the Empire's ability to monitor ship movements in this sector. The Rebels however, did not not destroy our listening posts. Through intercepted communications we have learned that the Rebels are in the process of acquiring replacement vessels from local pirates. You are hereby ordered to prevent the Rebels from obtaining those ships. Your command ship will be the VSDII Iron Hand as the ISDII Obliterator is still stuck in spacedock. Your force includes the Interdictor Cruiser Agitator. Your fighter complement includes 2 TIE Interceptor, 1 TIE Fighter and 1 TIE Bomber Squadrons. The Rebel and pirate forces consist of 3 CR90 Corellian Corvettes, 2 Marauder Corvettes, 1 Corellian Gunship and 12 GAT-12j Skipray Blastboats. Their fighter force includes 3 Preybird Starfighter and 1 A-Wing Squadrons.
Since the vessels in this engagement are so spread out; craft with a sublight speed of:
2 Space Units can cross into the next grid square in 30 seconds.
4 Space Units can cross into the next grid square in 15 seconds.
6 Space Units can cross into the next grid square in 10 seconds.
8 Space Units can cross into the next grid square in 7.5 seconds.
10 Space Units can cross into the next grid square in 6 seconds.
12 Space Units can cross into the next grid square in 5 seconds.
Note that there are no reinforcements available. The TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors are carrying no warheads. The TIE Bombers are armed with 6 Proton Torpedoes each. The VSDII is carrying 4 Stormtrooper Transports (fully loaded with torpedoes) [along with their accompanying Stormtroopers]. The Interdictor is carrying no support craft. The A-Wings are equipped with 4 Concussion Missiles each, while the Preybirds are armed with 4 Proton Torpedoes each. The Skipray Blastboats are carrying no warheads.
>>To find out more info on the battle, in the Tactical Map place your cursor over the ships and wait a few moments for the caption of data to pop up for that particular ship.<<

Interdictor Cruiser
TIE Fighter Squadron
TIE Interceptor Squadron
TIE Bomber Squadron
CR90 Corellian Corvette
Marauder Corvette
Corellian Gunship
Skipray Blastboat
Preybird Starfighter Squadron
A-Wing Squadron
Click Here for Tactical Map (TOP VIEW)


Correct Response Number 1

Objectives: In my mind there are two primary objectives. First and foremost is of course destroying as many of the blastboats as possible and as early in the battle as possible before they can be deployed. The second is to insure the interdicter in the fleet remains intact long enough for the fleet to complete the first objective without rebel or pirates escaping.

Secondary objectives would be to destroy the pirates to ensure the rebels are without a source for rearmament and to destroy or capture the four rebel ships.

Threats: Of course the primary objective of the opposing forces would be to destroy the interdicter. It is this ship alone that prevents both parties from escaping via hyperspace. It is likely that they will do this using the preybirds as they are equipt with torpedoes, but it is also likely that they could use these fighters to tangle up my fighters allowing the rebel corvettes to gang up on this vessel.

Another threat will be blastboats. Even without torpedoes enough of these vessels will quickly turn the tables against me and the opposing forces could easily wipe me out.

Of the opposing forces I consider the two marauders to be the smallest threat. These craft are allready leaving by the time I arrive, and will continue to do so with speed until they realise the interdicter prevents them doing so. This doesn't mean I should underestimate these craft. Once they turn to help their allies they could easily flank my fleet and box me in.

The Plan: I shall split my fleet into three groups a)fighters, b)VSD,INT and bombers and c) interceptors.

Group a). will anchor the attack. They will attack the preybirds - most likely somewhere in grids C4, C5, D4 and D5 - buying time for group c)'s mission and supporting group b). when it enters the fray. Of all the groups, a) will sustain the heaviest damage. They will be taking on three squadrens of fighters and possibly three corvettes with only minimal help from the interceptors. They will also be on their own for several rounds while the big guns move into the fray. With this in mind should group a) need assistance the bombers will break from escorting group b) and join the fight.

Group b) will be the hammer. They will join with group a) and destroy the remaining preybirds. Bearing in mind the preybirds torpedo loads this should be done quickly. Group b) will also engage the three corvettes. To even the battle the VSD will drop three of its load of transports. The transports will consentrate their torpedo and ion attacks soley on the corvettes, disabling or destroying where possible, while leaving their cannons for any remaining fighters. The transports
will not grapple any of the corvettes until the battle is over. The interdictor will stay by the VSD at all times and use their combined firepower to support one another. The bombers will also support the interdictor and will not leave the interdictor unless needed to bolster group a). The bombers will also save their torpedo payload should the pirate force turn and engage.

Groupc) will be the spearhead. They will break through the gauntlet of preybirds and move with all speed to grid B2 which houses the blastboats - the interceptors may attack any preybird in their way but are not permited to engage in any dog fighting. There the interceptors will break into their own squadrans. Group delta will engage the A-wings and the Gunship while group gamma will wreak havoc among the still unmanned blastboats destroying as many as possible. Once the blastboats are opperational the two squadrans will regroup to finish the remaining blastboats and A-wings. Just before group c) engages the ISV will drop its fourth transport which will move with all speed to assist. Its main objective will be the gunship. By the time the transport engages, group c) will have destroyed most of the blastboats and will be keeping the A-wings busy long enough for the transport to disable and grapple the gunship. The Stormtroopers have orders to take control of the bridge with the hopes of using the bridges firecontrol to engage any remaining fighters or blastboats. Should this be impossible the stormtroopers can simply take control, kill the crew and capture any important people - ie captains, diplomats etc.

Once group c) has completed its task it will join groups a) and b) to mop up any resistance. The pirates should be obliterated to ensure they don't sell to the rebels but this is of no consequence, the battle is won.

Summary: This engagement is a bit of a gamble. Should deployments or support be miss-timed or the fighters do poorly this battle could be quickly lost. Personally I would prefer the standard sledge hammer tactics that we imperials time and again with great effectiveness, however I believe I have given a sufficient strategy given my resources that by the Emperors guidance will work.

Long live the Emperor,

Richard 'Dwarfman' Smith.

Correct Response Number 2

Galactic Empire Data Bank's Answer

    The pirate capital vessels are to be ignored as the orders state that the Rebels must not get their hands on the acquired combat craft. This battle will nonetheless prove costly to the complement of TIE squadrons. The VSDII Iron Hand would be ordered to head straight for grid B2 at flank speed. It would use all available weapons to send a hail of fire at the Skipray Blastboats as they become operational, and it would also ram as many Skipray Blastboats possible. From there, the VSDII would engage the Skipray Blastboats' escorts. Concerning the Rebel CR90 Corvettes, the Iron Hand would disable them. In an effort to protect itself and support the Iron Hand, the Interdictor would move close to the VSDII during the initial phase of the attack (it will take over 10 seconds for the Interdictor to reach the VSDII). The Corellian Gunship Shield would be the Iron Hand's first target. The VSDII would concentrate all fire on the vessel to quickly disable it.

    Once the gunship is disabled, Imperial fighters would move close to the VSDII and the Interdictor to enjoy the support of their guns. But before they would do that, they would keep the enemy starfighters away from the VSDII to allow the launch of a Stormtrooper Transport. This transport would move to capture the Corellian Gunship. One TIE Interceptor squadron would engage the Rebel A-Wing squadron, while the remaining Imperial fighters would engage the Preybirds. The TIE Bombers would be regulated into destroying damaged Preybirds, thereby freeing TIE Fighters and Interceptors to engaging more serious threats. The TIE Bombers would be authorized to use their proton torpedoes against the Preybirds and the Skipray Blastboats. Once the Stormtroopers gain control of the Corellian Gunship, they would turn its guns against the remaining Skiprays and the Preybirds.

    Once the Skiprays and a sufficient number of Preybirds have been destroyed, TIE Interceptors which were battling those craft would come to the assist in finishing off the A-Wings. It would not be long till the enemy fighter force has been destroyed. Remaining Stormtrooper Transports would be deployed to capture the disabled corvettes once most of the enemy fighters had been destroyed. Once the Rebel capital ships have been dealt with and a significant portion of the enemy starfighter and Skipray forces have been destroyed, and if the pirate corvettes have not left the range of the Interdictor's gravity wells (and made the jump into hyperspace), the Iron Hand would move to engage and disable them.