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Correct Answers to TQ10


Ending the Terror
    Lieutenant Commander, a Rebel Force disguised as an Imperial Patrol Squadron has brought a rein of terror on several remote shipping lanes in the Mid Rim. The Rebels have concentrated their attacks on cargo vessels loyal to the Empire. Therefore you have been ordered to eliminate this Rebel threat and if possible recover the stolen TIE Fighters and Assault Gunboats. Lieutenant Commander, as you are just a squadron commander, your authority only extends to command of the 1 TIE Fighter and 1 Assault Gunboat Squadrons. The Rebel Force consists of 1 Marauder Corvette, 1 TIE Fighter and 1 Assault Gunboat Squadrons.
Note that there are no reinforcements available. You cannot command the 3 Modified Corvettes. Both the Imperial and Rebel Assault Gunboats are equipped with a full load of Concussion Missiles. Both Imperial and Rebel TIE Fighters are not equipped with warheads.
>>To find out more info on the battle, in the Tactical Map place your cursor over the ships and wait a few moments for the caption of data to pop up for that particular ship.<<

Modified Corvette
TIE Fighter Squadron
Assault Gunboat Squadron
Marauder Corvette
TIE Fighter Squadron
Assault Gunboat Squadron
4 Type-B Mines
Click Here for Tactical Map (TOP VIEW)


Correct Response Number 1
Use the TIE fighter squadron to lure the Rebel TIEs towards the assault gunboats and corvettes. The gunboats can then disable the TIEs, as can the corvettes (if they have ion cannons, if not, then ignore the bit about the corvettes). The Gunboat squadron can then eliminate the mines and Rebel Gunboats, using their countermeasures to avoid missiles and the engaging with ion and missiles. This should provide a distraction so the TIEs can close with the Marauder, using their manoeverabilty to avoid fire from the corvette. If the captains of the Imperial corvettes see an oppertunity they should take it.

Alan Walton

Correct Response Number 2

Galactic Empire Data Bank's Answer
    Both the Imperial TIE Fighter and Assault Gunboat Squadrons would remain with the three Imperial Modified Corvettes. The Modified Corvettes' guns would help provide extra firepower to the Imperial squadrons, before the corvettes would engage the Rebel Marauder Corvette Underling. As the Imperial task force near the Type-B Mines, both the TIE Fighter and Assault Gunboat Squadron would move out to destroy those mines (to help protect the Imperial Modified Corvettes). Should any of the Rebel Assault Gunboats come into range, the Imperial Assault Gunboats would attack them with Concussion Missiles. Nonetheless, the Imperial starfighters would stay with the Imperial Modified Corvettes. The reason is that when the opposing starfighters engage, the Imperial starfighters would purposely stay close to the Rebel Marauder Corvette Underling in hopes that any missed weapon shots would hit the enemy vessel. The Imperial fighters would attack the Underling should the Rebels decide to try the same tactic on the Imperial task force. When the Imperial and Rebel starfighters engage, the Imperial Assault Gunboats would engage the Rebel Assault Gunboats, while being supported by 2 TIE Fighters. These 2 TIE Fighters would target a single Rebel Assault Gunboat to quickly take down its shields, so an Imperial Assault Gunboat could move in and disable it. Meanwhile, the other 10 TIE Fighters would engage the Rebel TIE Fighters to prevent them from supporting the Rebel Assault Gunboats. Once 2 of the Rebel Assault Gunboats had been taken out, 2 Imperial Assault Gunboats would break off and move in to support the Imperial TIE Fighters to disable as many Rebel TIE Fighters as possible. Once all the Rebel Assault Gunboats had been disabled, the remaining Assault Gunboats that engaged them would move to take out the remaining Rebel TIE Fighters and to assist in the attack against the Rebel vessel Underling.