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Tactical Question of the Month


The Era of Zaarin-Milk Runners

    With unexpected vigor and fury the traitors have struck against our Emperor's rule. Like many attacks over the past 2 days it appears that the traitor Zaarin is concentrating his efforts against the Empire's more advanced starfighter assets. Convoy 1138, which is under the protection of the Talos has come under attack by raiders. Their target is the Super Transport XI Rail Runner, which is transporting two wings of TIE Advanced [After Hoth], large numbers of beam weapons, as well as a small batch of Dark Troopers. Therefore, your orders are to ensure that the Rail Runner escapes the area by reaching its jump point. Your escort force includes: Nebulon-B Frigate Talos (drydock work has been completed), Bayonet-class Light Cruiser Gunray's Fate, Corellian Gunship Iron Sides, and 3 GAT-12j Skipray Blastboats. Your task force's compliment: 2 TIE Fighter and 1 TIE Bomber squadrons and 2 Katarn-class Boarding Shuttles (along with associated troops) [onboard the Talos]. Traitor forces include: Bayonet-class Light Cruiser Spear, Class 1000 Cruiser Halberd, and 6 ATR Transports (fully loaded with troops). Their starfighter forces include: 1 TIE Advanced [After Hoth], 1 TIE Fighter, and 2 Assault Gunboat Squadrons.
Each grid square is 100 x 100 space units. A craft with a sublight speed of 2 Space Units can cross into the next grid square in 125 seconds. While a craft with a sublight speed of 4 Space Units can cross into the next grid square in 75 seconds, etc.

Note that no reinforcements are available. Your TIE Fighters are not modified to carry ordnance. However, the TIE Bombers may be armed with 16 Concussion Missiles or 8 Proton Torpedoes. Reload in battle will not be possible. Enemy TIE Fighters have 20 SBD shields but no warheads. The TIE Advanced [After Hoth Version] and Assault Gunboats are fully armed, while the ATR Transports are loaded down with 4 Proton Torpedoes each.
>>To find out more info on the battle, in the Tactical Map place your cursor over the ships and wait a few moments for the caption of data to pop up for that particular ship.<< [[NOTE: Click on the listings in the LEGEND below to see their data entries]]
Once you have your battle strategy, E-Mail it to me. Don't forget your name and your web site URL. And if your strategy works well, I'll post it up!

Nebulon-B Frigate
Super Transport XI
GAT-12j Skipray Blastboat
Bayonet-class Light Cruiser
Corellian Gunship
Bayonet-class Light Cruiser
Class 1000 Cruiser
ATR Assault Transport
Assault Gunboat Squadron
TIE Advanced [After Hoth Version] Squadron
TIE Fighter Squadron
Click Here for Tactical Map (TOP VIEW)