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Tactical Question of the Month


The Era of Zaarin-Traitors Revealed
    Just an hour ago Grand Admiral Zaarin conducted a treacherous attack against our Emperor in a foolish attempt to seize control of the Empire. We have already received reports from all over the Empire that forces loyal to Zaarin have or are in the process of conducting attacks against Imperial assets. Captain, your ship is being committed to reinforce Facility 74-A2; an Xg-1 Assault Gunboat factory, which is currently under attack. We are aware that the Nebulon-B Talos is still conducting drydock repairs, but your ship along with other units are the only ones which can respond in time. Your ship, along with a pair of Modified Guardian-class Light Cruisers are to drive off the traitor forces, insure that 74-A2 is not destroyed, and minimize the number of stolen Xg-1s leaving the area. Included in your task force's compliment: 2 TIE Fighter and 1 TIE Bomber squadrons and 2 Katarn-class Boarding Shuttles (along with associated troops) [onboard the Talos]. The traitor forces include: the Escort Carrier Executioner, 1 Assassin-class Modified Corvette, 2 CR90 Corellian Corvettes and 4 Cargo Ferries. Their starfighter forces include: 1 TIE Fighter (has shields 20 SBD) and 1 Assault Gunboat squadrons. Should the traitor forces make it to Grid E6 they will have escaped our grasp.
Note that no reinforcements are available. The Talos currently only has 50% shields (since the grid upgrades are not finished yet), and for the forward weapons only 2 turbolasers and 2 laser cannons are operational (rest are undergoing re-calibration) [port, starboard and aft weapons are fully operational]. The TIE Fighters cannot be modified to carry ordnance. However, the TIE Bombers may be armed with either 8 Concussion Missiles or 6 Proton Torpedoes, or a mix of both. Reload in battle will not be possible. Enemy TIE Fighters have no warheads, but the Assault Gunboats have an average of 5 Concussion Missiles.
>>To find out more info on the battle, in the Tactical Map place your cursor over the ships and wait a few moments for the caption of data to pop up for that particular ship.<< [[NOTE: Click on the listings in the LEGEND below to see their data entries]]

X7 Factory Station
Nebulon-B Frigate
Modified Guardian-class Light Cruiser
TIE Fighter Squadron
TIE Bomber Squadron
Escort Carrier
Assassin-class Modified Corvette
CR90 Corellian Corvette
Cargo Ferry
TIE Fighter Squadron
Assault Gunboat Squadron
Click Here for Tactical Map (TOP VIEW)