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Tesla Detachment
    Lieutenant Commander, the Tesla Detachment has been selected to be part of General Terkstan's Omega Offensive to combat the Rebels on Altos VIII. Your detachment will be responsible for quickly clearing out Rebel positions to help minimize Imperial causalities. General Terkstan will only require the use of your detachment to complete one vital task. After the mission's completion, your men will be shipped out to receive the long overdue leave. First on the agenda, General Terkstan needs you to destroy a Rebel fortification that is protecting a valuable military asset that the Imperial High Command wants captured intact. The asset is a high technology centre, it is surrounded by an extremely massive duracrete wall and the Rebels have put in duracrete blocks to protect their forces and to limit movement in and out of the high technology centre. Destruction of these duracrete blocks is possible, however it would make your detachment sitting ducks when doing so. The massive duracrete wall is simply beyond your capability to destroy or punch through it. At any given rate however, the wall is electrified and is capable of killing a full grown wookie upon contact. Your detachment, as usual has not been altered from its operational strength of 6 AT-STs, 2 AT-PTs and 5 Squads of Stormtroopers (40 Stormtroopers in all). The Rebels are protecting the military asset with 4 captured AT-PTs, 4 Rebel Armoured Freerunners and 4 Squads of Rebel Troopers (40 Rebel Troopers in all).
Note there are no reinforcements available. All of the Stormtroopers are equipped with their E-11 Blaster Rifles (Range 300 Metres, 100 Shots) and 2 Concussion Grenades. The Rebel Troopers are equipped with Blast Helmets, Blast Vests, 2 Concussion Grenades and DH-17 Blaster Pistols (Range 120 Metres, 100 Shots).
>>To find out more info on the battle, place your cursor over the units and wait a few moments for the caption of data to pop up for that particular unit.<<

Stormtrooper Squad
Rebel Armoured Freerunner
Rebel Trooper Squad
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