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Operation Repulse-Battle of the Line
    Assault Gunboats from a local system patrol squadron discovered a Rebel Battle Line operating in the Andorus Cluster. Reinforcements from all over the region are being called in to deal with this threat to the Mid Rim. Your vessel the Imperial-II Star Destroyer Obliterator will take command of the Imperial vessels that enter the engagement zone. Forces under your command include: the VSD Rightful Ruler, Carrack Cruisers Leopard and Panther, Escort Carrier Tiger, and the Dreadnaughts Crusader, Repulse, Justice and Honour, and the system patrol squadron's Assault Gunboats. Your force complement includes 11 TIE Fighter, 4 TIE Interceptor and 3 TIE Bomber Squadrons, 7 Assault Gunboats, 20 Stormtrooper Transports (with their troops), 8 Lambda Shuttles, 5 GAT-12j Skipray Blastboats and 2 Gamma-class Assault Shuttles [with their Spacetroopers]. The Rebel Battle Line consists of 2 MC80 Mon Calamari Cruisers, 2 MC40a Light Mon Calamari Cruisers, 3 Nebulon-B Frigates, 3 CR90 Corellian Corvettes, 1 Modified Corellian Action VI Transport [armed with 4 turreted turbolasers and 1 fighter squadron], 6 ATRs and 8 Gallofree Yards Medium Transports. The Rebel complement includes 6 X-Wing, 4 Y-Wing, 3 A-Wing and 2 B-Wing Squadrons.
Since the vessels in this engagement are so spread out; craft with a sublight speed of:
2 Space Units can cross into the next grid square in 30 seconds.
4 Space Units can cross into the next grid square in 15 seconds.
6 Space Units can cross into the next grid square in 10 seconds.
8 Space Units can cross into the next grid square in 7.5 seconds.
10 Space Units can cross into the next grid square in 6 seconds.
12 Space Units can cross into the next grid square in 5 seconds.
Note that there are no reinforcements available as they are all on their way, although, they will not arrive in time. The TIE Fighters, TIE Interceptors and Stormtrooper Transports carry no warheads. The TIE Bombers are armed with 6 Proton Torpedoes each, while the Assault Gunboats and Gamma-class Assault Shuttles are fully loaded with Concussion Missiles. The Skipray Blastboats are also fully armed. The Carrack Cruisers have been equipped with laser cannons. Most of the Imperial support craft are carried onboard the ISDII, the VSD carries the remaining 5 Stormtrooper Transports. Meanwhile, the Rebel fighters are armed with their full complement of missiles and torpedoes. The Rebel ATRs are fully armed with Proton Torpedoes.
>>To find out more info on the battle, in the Tactical Map place your cursor over the ships and wait a few moments for the caption of data to pop up for that particular ship.<<

Escort Carrier
Carrack Cruiser
TIE Fighter Squadron
TIE Interceptor Squadron
TIE Bomber Squadron
Assault Gunboat
Nebulon-B Frigate
CR90 Corellian Corvette
Modified Action VI Transport
Gallofree Medium Transport
X-Wing Squadron
Y-Wing Squadron
A-Wing Squadron
B-Wing Squadron
Click Here for Tactical Map (TOP VIEW)