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Station Z-129C
    A Rebel raiding party has just entered the system. Presently, the Strike-class Cruiser Pulverizer has yet to complete its repairs and is not completely operational. Its shields and hyperdrive are still offline and its engines are only capable of 2 space units (due to damage). And only 16 of its turbolasers, 4 of its ion cannons and 1 of its tractor beams are operational. Station Commander, you must ensure that the Strike Cruiser Pulverizer is not captured or destroyed. All Imperial Forces in the local area are under your command. Your available fighter forces are 3 TIE Fighter Squadrons and 5 TIE Interceptors (from the Strike Cruiser). The Rebel raiding party consists of 2 X-Wing, 1 Y-Wing and 1 B-Wing Squadrons and 4 ATRs.
Note that no reinforcements are available. None of the Imperial fighters are equipped with warheads. The X-Wings, Y-Wings, B-Wings and ATRs are only equipped with 4 Proton Torpedoes each.
>>To find out more info on the battle, in the Tactical Map place your cursor over the ships and wait a few moments for the caption of data to pop up for that particular ship.<<

XQ1 Platform
Strike-class Cruiser
TIE Fighter Squadron
TIE Interceptor
X-Wing Squadron
Y-Wing Squadron
B-Wing Squadron
Click Here for Tactical Map (TOP VIEW)