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Survivor Lifeboat

Name/Model# Survivor Lifeboat
Designer/Manufacturer Corellian Engineering Corporation
Combat Designation Emergency Lifeboat
Scale Starfighter
Length 10 Metres
Skill Space transports
Crew Skill Varies by passengers
Crew 1 Pilot
Skeleton Crew Most likely 1 Pilot
Troop Capacity 14 Passengers
Cost NEW 18,000 Credits USED 5,600 Credits
Nav Computer None
Sublight Speed 2 Space Units
Hyperdrive Rating None
Hyperdrive Backup None
Atmospheric Speed 650 kph (WEG=225)
Manoeuvrability 1D
Cargo Capacity None. Only emergency gear: tents, thermosuits, portable hand scanners, substance analyzers and a small-game hunting rifle (range of 3-35/50/150 metres and 3D+2 damage).
Consumables 6 Hours of fuel and 1 week of survival rations for all passengers
Weapons None
Sensors Passive : 10 Space Units/1D
Scan : None
Search : None
Focus : None
Shields/Hull Rating Shields None. Hull 1D


    The CEC Survivor Lifeboat is a simple and primitive design that allows a ship's crew and passengers to escape to safety from their doomed vessel. Upon release, the Lifeboat automatically activates an emergency beacon to permit easy location by rescue craft. As to the reason why the Lifeboat only carries 6 hours of fuel - most survivable accidents generally occur a few hours away from a planet. This design was on the market before the Battle of Yavin.

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