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Bulk Freighter

Name/Model# : Bulk Freighter  <<Stats taken from TIE and XvsT>>
Designer/Manufacturer : Damorian Manufacturing Corporation
Combat Designation : Standard Medium Freighter
Scale : Most likely starfighter
Length : 100 Metres
Crew : 4
Skeleton Crew : Unknown
Troop Capacity : Unknown
Cost of Craft : Unknown
Nav Computer : Unknown
Sublight Speed : 16 MGLT
Hyperdrive Rating : Unknown
Hyperdrive Backup : Unknown
Atmospheric Speed : Unknown
Manoeuvrability : Unknown
Cargo Capacity : Unknown
Consumables : Unknown
Weapons : None
NOTE: That the Bulk Freighter can be armed with 1 Advanced Concussion Missile
Sensors : Passive : ?
Scan : ?
Search : ?
Focus : ?
Shields/Hull Rating : Shield 200 SBD. Hull 140 RU

    The Bulk Freighter is a common sight throughout the entire Galaxy. It is capable extremely long range travel as well as being cost effective. They are the mainstay of Galactic Commerce. Their engines are powerful but slow. Many captains have refit their engines for greater speed. A cargo vessel of this size and capacity is not expected to outclass other vessels, particularly not those of the Imperial Navy. These ships are tough and reliable. They generally lack luxury and a lot of state-of-the-art components, they serve their purpose well and they often travel in convoys with more military ships to protect their cargo.
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