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Battle Name : Trapped by Pirates! [Battle 9 (TIE Defender Technology Campaign), Mission 5]
Battle Location : Near Nav Buoy CRM-114
Battle Occurred : Well after the Battle of Hoth, well before "Shadows of the Empire"
Battle Type : Piracy (For the Rneekii Pirates)
Force Making Attack : Rneekii Pirates
Opposing Forces : Rneekii Pirates / Galactic Empire
Victorious Force : Galactic Empire
Imperial Personnel : Maarek Stele (Delta 1) and Chief TIE Defender Scientist
Imperial Force Composition : 1 TIE Defender [Delta 1] (8 Advanced Concussion Missiles and Improved Tractor Beam), Lambda-class Shuttle G'nabgib (Disabled), TIE Defender prototypes 11,12, Assassin-class Modified Corvettes Hashim 1,2,3 (Corvettes holding TIE Defenders) and Assault Gunboats Nu and Tau (Total of 4 Assault Gunboats)
Pirate Personnel : Unknown
Pirate Force Composition : Strike-class Cruiser Intombe, 6 Troop Transports with boarders (Armed with Proton Torpedoes), 12 R-41 Starchasers (Armed with Mag Pulse Torpedoes or Concussion Missiles) and 32 Type B Mines 
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Maarek Stele
Surviving Forces : 1 TIE Defender, Lambda-class Shuttle G'nabgib, TIE Defender prototypes 11,12, Assassin-class Modified Corvettes Hashim 1,2,3 and Assault Gunboats Nu and Tau
Imperial Loses : None
Pirate Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : Strike-class Cruiser Intombe and Troop Transport Ibutho 1 carrying captured Chief TIE Defender Scientist
Pirate Loses : 12 R-41 Starchasers, 5 Troop Transports with boarders and 32 Type B Mines

    When the convoy carrying the TIE Defenders came out of hyperspace, they were surprised to find themselves surrounded by an ion cannon mine field (Type B Mines), which was placed there by the Rneekii Pirates. Imperial reinforcements were called, but they would arrived too late to stop the pirates from taking the entire Imperial convoy, so Maarek Stele piloting TIE Defender Delta 1 was the Empire's only hope. The Rneekii Pirates had already disabled and boarded shuttle G'nabgib, capturing the data and personnel onboard, when TIE Defender Delta 1 was launched out of modified corvette Hashim 3. Troop Transport Ibutho 1, which was carrying the TIE Defender Scientist was able to hyper out of the area before Stele could disable the transport. The Type B Mines in conjunction with the combined efforts of the Rneekii Pirates' Troop Transports and R-41 Starchasers attacked the modified corvettes to disable and capture them. The modified corvettes fought as best they could but in the end, they were disabled. Stele first concentrated on destroying the Troop Transports to ensure the Pirates could not capture the disabled Imperial ships, while taking shots at mines in passing. Once the transports were destroyed, Stele turned his attention to totally eliminating the R-41 Starchasers, in which he was successful. But during this time of combat, Troop Transport Ibutho 4 attempted to capture one of the corvettes but it was destroyed before it could do so. Soon after, Assault Gunboats from Nu and Tau groups arrived to assist in the situation. Both the Assault Gunboats and the TIE Defender cleared away the mine field and drove off the Rneekii Pirates' Strike Cruiser Intombe. Assault Gunboats from Nu group hypered out of the area to get help for the disabled convoy and TIE Defender Delta 1 returned to Hashim 3's hanger. The Galactic Empire was able to stop the Rneekii Pirates from capturing any of the modified corvettes containing the TIE Defenders and help for the convoy is to arrive soon, since the TIE Defenders remain vulnerable to capture. However, the Rneekii Pirates made off with some of the key scientists and data aboard shuttle G'nabgib, which now presented a serious problem for the Empire.