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Battle Name : The Empire Strikes Back
Battle Location : Somewhere in the Outer Rim Sector
Battle Occurred : Just after the Battle of Hoth
Battle Type : Crack Down / Revenge (For the Empire)
Force Making Attack : Galactic Empire
Opposing Forces : Galactic Empire / Rebel Alliance
Victorious Force : Galactic Empire
Imperial Personnel : Lord Darth Vader and Vice Admiral Thrawn
Imperial Force Composition : ISD Garrett? and another ISD. Total of 2 ISDs, several squadrons of TIE Interceptors and TIE Bombers
Rebel Personnel : Unknown
Rebel Force Composition : Platform (Type Unknown) and Platform complement consisting of A-Wings, X-Wings and Y-Wings
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Lord Darth Vader and Vice Admiral Thrawn
Surviving Forces : Large numbers of TIE Interceptors and TIE Bombers
Imperial Loses : Unknown
Rebel Survivors : None
Surviving Forces : None
Rebel Loses : Platform and all starfighters assigned to it

    This strike was ordered by the Emperor himself after the Empire's Major Victory at the Battle of Hoth. An Imperial Armada led by Lord Vader were able to hit a Rebel Stronghold while the Rebels were totally caught unprepared. The two ISDs unleashed several TIE squadrons which were successful in destroying the Rebel Platform and the small number of X-Wings that the Rebels were able to muster to defend their platform. As the platform was nearing its total destruction a X-Wing and an A-Wing tried to escape but were destroyed in the attempt by two pursuing TIE Interceptors.