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Battle Name : The Search for the Nonnah
Battle Location : On the planet of Chorax and over its lakes, in the Chorax System located in the Rachuk Sector
Battle Occurred : Over 6 Months after the Battle of Yavin, after the Rendezvous on Barkhesh battle
Battle Type : Rescue (For the Rebels)
Force Making Attack : Rebel Alliance
Opposing Forces : Rebel Alliance / Galactic Empire
Victorious Force : Rebel Alliance
Imperial Personnel : ?
Imperial Force Composition : 8 TIE Bombers, several Probe Droids, around 2 squadrons of TIE Interceptors, 1 Sentinel-class Landing Craft, 1 AT-ST, 3 XR-85 Tank Droids and 3 AT-PTs.
Rebel Personnel : Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles
Rebel Force Composition : 5 A-Wings from Rogue Squadron, downed Rebel ship (the Nonnah) carrying Rebel soldiers and stolen Imperial equipment and 1 Lambda-class Shuttle
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : ?
Surviving Forces : Good Sum
Imperial Loses : 8 TIE Bombers, several Probe Droids, well over a squadron of TIE Interceptors, 1 AT-ST, 3 XR-85 Tank Droids and 3 AT-PTs
Rebel Survivors : Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles
Surviving Forces : All 5 A-Wings from Rogue Squadron and 1 Lambda-class Shuttle
Rebel Loses : Downed Rebel ship (the Nonnah)

    Rogue Squadron was assigned by General Carlist Rieekan to locate a Rebel ship the Nonnah that recently crashed in the lakes of Chorax before Imperial Forces would find it. When the 5 A-Wings from Rogue Squadron arrived they were intercepted by 6 TIE Interceptors, which Rogue Squadron engaged. The Rebel A-Wings then proceeded to search the area for the downed Rebel ship, while engaging TIE Interceptors and Probe Droids. When Skywalker found the Nonnah which crashed in a lake, an Imperial Sentinel-class Landing Craft landed near the ship on the raised shore. It initially deployed 1 AT-ST and 3 XR-85 Tank Droids, which these Imperial vehicles started to attack the downed Rebel ship. While Rogue Squadron was battling against Imperial Forces, a Rebel Lambda-class Shuttle arrived. Once the deployed Imperial Forces were destroyed a pair of TIE Bombers with a TIE Interceptor escort attacked made a bombing run on the Rebel Lambda-class Shuttle, while the Imperial Sentinel-class Landing Craft deployed 3 AT-PTs to join in the fight against the Rebels. Ultimately the TIE Bombers and their TIE Interceptor escort, as well as the 3 AT-PTs were destroyed. After the destruction of the first wave of TIE Bombers, there were 3 more waves of 2 TIE Bombers with TIE Interceptor escorts that attempted to destroy the Rebel shuttle, but unfortunately they were destroyed. By the time the last TIE Bomber was destroyed, the Rebel shuttle was fully loaded with the Rebel soldiers and stolen Imperial equipment from the Nonnah, which they then lifted off to their exit point off of the planet. Remaining TIE Interceptors began strafing runs on the Rebel shuttle, but were unsuccessful in eliminating the shuttle. Since the A-Wings from Rogue Squadron kept the TIE Interceptors off of the shuttle long enough for it to escape. And then escorted the shuttle out of the area to an undetermined Rebel location.