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Battle Name : The Shuttle
Battle Location : Near planet of Farboon
Battle Occurred : Months before the Battle of Hoth and 3 months after Stele was brought aboard the ISD Vengeance
Battle Type : Defence (For the Empire)
Force Making Attack : Rebel Alliance
Opposing Forces : Rebel Alliance / Galactic Empire
Victorious Force : Galactic Empire
Imperial Personnel : Admiral Mordon and Maarek Stele
Imperial Force Composition : ISD Vengeance, TIE Fighters, 1 TIE Interceptor and 1 Lambda-class Shuttle
Rebel Personnel : Unknown
Rebel Force Composition : 2 Y-Wings and 2 X-Wings
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Admiral Mordon and Maarek Stele
Surviving Forces : ISD Vengeance, TIE Fighters, 1 TIE Interceptor and 1 Lambda-class Shuttle
Imperial Loses : TIE Fighters
Rebel Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : Unknown
Rebel Loses : Unknown

    Maarek Stele, along with other mechanics in one of the main hangers of the ISD Vengeance, had repaired a TIE Interceptor that had recently been brought into that hanger. Stele asked permission of the foreman to conduct shakedown tests on the TIE Interceptor. Stele got the permission, but he had to make it quick, since the ISD Vengeance was scheduled for another hyperspace jump in three hours. Stele was not wearing a standard TIE pilot's helmet and life support gear, but instead he was using a modified version that the repair crew had rigged together. Soon after he was in the freedom of space and enjoying every moment of it. He began to run the TIE Interceptor through its tests. Stele tuned his comlink to a dual band that also picked up one of the non restricted military channels.

    He was just about to head back to the ISD Vengeance's hanger, when he heard a voice calling in that there was an emergency. Since he was not supposed to be using the band he did not answer. However, he finally answered when no one was replying to the urgent voice. He was ordered to find the Imperial shuttle that was under distress and help it. And with that the ISD Vengeance hypered out of the area. Soon after Stele was able locate the Imperial shuttle. The shuttle's minimal escort had been destroyed. And two Y-Wings were firing their ion cannons at the Imperial shuttle. With that Stele rolled his fighter into an attack angle that gave him a chance at both Y-Wings on the same path. Just then, the nearer of the two Y-Wings, broke off and began to veer away. And in response Stele let off a duel burst of his laser cannons at the Y-Wing and got a partial hit. Stele then altered his course to attack the Y-Wing that was still attacking the shuttle. He began firing as he adjusted his angle, and his first shots went wide. As the distanced closed, his laser bursts started to hit the Y-Wing's shields.

    With a TIE Interceptor bearing down on it, the Y-Wing broke its attack on the shuttle and began to move away. Being mesmerized by having his enemy in his sights, he almost crashed into the Y-Wing. He saved himself by veering off at the last second. The other Y-Wing was firing upon Stele, with that he twisted his fighter through a hard diagonal loop and spotted his attacker who was closing in on him. He doubled back on the Y-Wing that had shot at him and watched it overshoot the Imperial shuttle and he went in behind both Y-Wings again. That was when Stele spotted the first X-Wings. They arrived several thousand metres off the shuttle's bow. Stele popped off a few more shots at the Y-Wings and then headed at full speed away from the crippled Imperial shuttle. The two X-Wings followed. Both of them shot constantly at Stele, but they were too far away for accuracy. He began to double back toward the shuttle and saw that the Y-Wings were returning to the attack. Suddenly, the ISD Vengeance reappeared at minimum safe distance from the planet. The ISD started to send help.

    With the X-Wings catching up, Stele started to corkscrew to throw off their aim, just like in the adventure holos. He lost control momentarily and found himself spinning and disoriented. Trying to get back on course, he overcompensated and he was heading directly for the planet. But the X-Wings did not give up and were much closer to Stele now. A laser blast hit Stele's TIE Interceptors and his sensors went dead. Deciding there was no more time for maneuvering, he dived into the atmosphere of the planet below. He fought to level the TIE Interceptor and soon after he re-emerged from the planet's atmosphere. When he re-emerged the X-Wings were gone and the Rebel threat had passed. With that he was ordered back to the ISD's hanger. It turned out that Stele had saved Admiral Mordon's life. The area had been secured and he was on his way to inspect the planet with a minimal escort when the Rebels attacked. Stele was able to delay the Rebels long enough to allow the Admiral to survive. This was the battle that started Maarek Stele's career as a pilot for the Galactic Empire.