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Battle Name : Seize Airam Supply Platform at Goff [Imperial Campaign: Imperial Task Force Vengeance, Mission 2]
Battle Location : Goff System in the Airam Sector
Battle Occurred : Some time after the Battle of Hoth
Battle Type : Capture Operation (For the Empire)
Force Making Attack : Galactic Empire
Opposing Forces : Galactic Empire / Airam / Rebel Alliance
Victorious Force : Galactic Empire
Imperial Personnel : Unknown
Imperial Force Composition : ISD Rage, Interdictor Compellor, Stormtrooper Transports 1 and 2 (Stormtroopers) [Have Mag Pulse Torpedoes], Avenger Squadron (TIE Interceptors have shields and Jamming Beam), Gamma Squadron (TIE Fighters have 4 Concussion Missiles) and Beta Squadron (TIE Bombers have 12 Proton Torpedoes)
Airam Personnel : Unknown
Airam Force Composition : Platform XQ5 Goff, Shuttle Flan, Shuttle Rateb (Airam Leader), Escort Shuttle Cateb (Armed with Flares), IPV-1 System Patrol Craft Iphige, IPV-1 System Patrol Craft Sele and 12 R-41 Starchasers (Armed with Concussion Missiles)
Rebel Personnel : Unknown
Rebel Force Composition : Nebulon-B2 Frigate Colada, ETR Omicron 2 (Rebel Officers) [Armed with Proton Torpedoes], 10 Z-95 Headhunters (Armed with Concussion Missiles) and 8 Y-Wings (Armed with Proton Torpedoes)
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : ISD Rage, Interdictor Compellor, Stormtrooper Transports 1 and 2, Avenger Squadron, Gamma Squadron and Beta Squadron
Imperial Loses : Substantial losses
Airam Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : Platform XQ5 Goff (Captured)
Airam Loses : All Forces
Rebel Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : None
Rebel Loses : Nebulon-B2 Frigate Colada, ETR Omicron, 10 Z-95 Headhunters and 8 Y-Wings

    The Empire was able to obtain unequivocal evidence that the Airam were involved with the Rebels. To discourage the Airam from being in league with the Rebels, the Empire decided on a demonstration of Imperial might and so Intelligence selected this platform as the target. The ISD Rage hypered into the system deployed Avenger Squadron to draw away the Airam defenders away from the platform. The the ISD Rage made a quick nano jump to the other side of the system where it deployed Gamma and Beta Squadrons. TIE Bombers Gamma first targeted and destroyed the two System Patrol craft before they could begin a counterattack on Imperial Forces. The Airam shuttles Flan and Cateb tried to attack the TIE Bombers but they were destroyed. The TIE Bombers conducted their heavy torpedo attack in support of the Stormtrooper Transports which were launched a short time later. The Stormtrooper Transports fired off Mag Pulse Torpedoes to help make the capture operation easier. During the fighting the Rebel ETR Omicron 2 which was docked at the station left the station and headed out to attack the Interdictor Compellor. The R-41 Starchasers did not last long. It was not long after that Rebel reinforcements arrived in attempt to drive out Imperial Forces. The Rebels arrived early in the battle. With that, the Airam shuttle Rateb tried to make a run to the Rebel Nebulon-B2 Frigate, but it never made it. The Frigate launched its complement of starfighters to engage Imperial Forces. TIE Bombers were redirected to torpedo the Rebel Frigate. The Rebel ETR began its attack on the Interdictor Compellor in an attempt to force the vessel into retreat. But that never happened, after taking severe damage the Rebel ETR surrendered, but it was destroyed after the Airam platform surrendered. The Airam platform eventually surrendered to Imperial Forces due to the fact they were losing air pressure rapidly. This allowed the Stormtroopers to board and secure the platform. The Y-Wings launched from the Rebel Frigate either attacked the ISD Rage or the Interdictor Compellor while the Z-95 Headhunters provided escort. The Rebels were not successful in their attempts to drive off either ship. By this time, Imperial Personnel raised their concern of Imperial casualties. None of the Rebel fighters would survive this battle. With its fighters gone the Rebel Frigate tried to makes it futile attempt to flee the area. Once its shields collapsed, Imperial Forces demanded the Rebel vessel to surrender, but the Rebels refused and Imperial Forces destroyed the Rebel Frigate. The captured Airam platform would be used by Imperial Forces as a forward staging point for further operations in this sector. The prisoners taken would be interrogated. By now, Imperial Forces considered that the Rebels were likely attempting to establish a new base of operations in this sector and that they were also attempting to recruit the Airam into the Rebel Alliance.