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Battles-Section R

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Rendezvous on Barkhesh Rescue on Kessel
Rescue of Rebels from Kessel Raid on Sullust
Retrieve Supply Containers from Gelgelar Base Recon Imperial Fleet Near Almoran
Respond to Attack on Airam Factory at Mobetta Rescue Airam Conscripts Near Dega
Rendezvous with Airam Clan Leader at Aiqin 4 Retaliation Strike on Airam Repair Yard at Hinda
Rebel Capture of Corvette near ISD Rogue Squadron Attacks ISD Dominance
Raid on Goibniu Platform Raid on Rebel Factory Koensayr 42
Raid Imperial Convoy near Atterol Rescue at Mon Calamari
Raid on Imperial Repair Dock Red Alert
Rocket Attack Respond to S.O.S.
Rendezvous in the Cron Drift Rescue Wookie Slaves
Rescue From Star's End Recover Explosive Warhead
Rescue Sullustan Leader Rescue Sullustan Tech Staff
Recover Stolen X-Wings Raid for R2 Units
Reconnaissance Mission Rescue from Imperial Prison Ship Dargon
Rebel Arms Deal Rescue War Refugees
. .