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Battle Name : Rescue of Rebels from Kessel
Battle Location : On the planet of Kessel, at prison facilities area
Battle Occurred : Well after the Battle of Yavin, after the Rescue on Kessel
Battle Type : Rescue Raid (For the Rebels)
Force Making Attack : Rebel Alliance
Opposing Forces : Rebel Alliance / Galactic Empire
Victorious Force : Rebel Alliance
Imperial Personnel : ?
Imperial Force Composition : 8 AT-STs, 17 Turbolasers, 3 Missile Turrets, 4 Imperial Landing Platforms, 4 prisons, small numbers of Missile Turrets, 1 shield generator, Stormtroopers, 9 Probe Droids, 3 Scout Troopers with 74-Z Speeder Bikes, well over 1 Squadron of TIE Fighters and 1 Squadron TIE Interceptors
Rebel Personnel : Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, Kasan Moor and General Crix Madine
Rebel Force Composition : 3 X-Wings from Rogue Squadron, 1 Rebel Sentinel-class Landing Craft, Rebel Personnel (Captured and being held in prisons) and Rebel Commandos
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : ?
Surviving Forces : The Imperial Landing Platforms and prisons
Imperial Loses : All of the AT-STs, most likely all of the fixed defences, 1 shield generator, Stormtroopers, at least 3 Probe Droids, most likely 3 Scout Troopers with 74-Z Speeder Bikes, all of the TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors
Rebel Survivors : Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, Kasan Moor and General Crix Madine
Surviving Forces : 3 X-Wings from Rogue Squadron, 1 Rebel Sentinel-class Landing Craft, Rebel Personnel and surviving Rebel Commandos
Rebel Loses : None

    This large rescue attempt by the Rebels was done after the recently rescued Wedge Antilles revealed that while he was on the Armoured Hovertrain he learned of other captured Rebels being held at the main prison facility. The Rebel Sentinel-class Landing Craft was being escorted by Rogue Squadron to each prison to provide air and ground cover while the Rebel Commandos enter the prisons and get the imprisoned Rebels out. The first facility was located and was invaded right after the Rebels were on the planet. The prison had 2 Barracks for Stormtroopers, an Imperial Landing Platform and 1 storage tank. The prison was defended by 4 Turbolasers. However the Rebels could not enter the prison because of the shield protecting it, Skywalker had to locate and destroy the shield generator which was protected by 1 Missile Turret 3 Turbolasers, 1 AT-ST and 1 Stormtrooper Barracks. Once the shield dropped the Rebels began their rescue operation. Defending TIE Fighters and Interceptors attacked the Rebel starfighters and did strafing runs on the Rebel shuttle throughout the entire rescue operation, however they were not successful in destroying any of the Rebels. Also note that if the Stormtrooper Barracks were not destroyed before the Rebel Commandos debark from the shuttle, the Stormtroopers would rush out and try to eliminate the Rebel invaders. After rescuing Rebels out of the first prison the Rebels went to the next prison, but they had to pass and destroy 3 Probe Droids that were defending the area. The second prison had 2 Stormtrooper Barracks, 1 Imperial Landing Platform, 1 storage tank and it was protected by 3 Turbolasers and 1 overlooking Missile Turret. During the raid on the second prison 2 AT-STs arrived to join the fight against the Rebels, they attacked the Rebel shuttle, but unfortunately they were destroyed. After the Rebel's success at the second prison they moved on to the third prison, which was protected by 4 Turbolasers and 1 Missile Turret that was overlooking the area which protected both the third and fourth prisons. The third prison also had an Imperial Landing Platform, 2 Stormtrooper Barracks and 2 storage tanks. During the Rebel rescue raid on this prison another 2 AT-STs entered the area and began attacking the Rebel shuttle, but were unfortunately destroyed by the Rebels. Once again the Rebels were successful in freeing imprisoned Rebels, then the Rebel force moved to the fourth and last prison which was protected by 3 Turbolasers and had 2 Stormtrooper Barracks, an Imperial Landing Platform and 2 storage tanks. This time during the Rebel rescue 4 AT-STs came to eliminate the Rebel shuttle once and for all, however unfortunately they met the same fate as the other AT-STs. The Rebel Commandos were able to successfully free the remaining Rebels that were being held by the Empire on Kessel. After the Rebels successful operate in freeing their comrades, they all left Kessel unopposed.