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Battle Name : Red Alert [Battle 1 (Aftermath of Hoth), Mission 2]
Battle Location : Javin Sector, near Nav Buoys B-16, B-17, B-18 and B-19
Battle Occurred : Just after the Battle of Hoth
Battle Type : Defence (For the Empire)
Force Making Attack : Rebel Alliance + Mugaari Pirates
Opposing Forces : Rebel Alliance + Mugaari Pirates / Galactic Empire
Victorious Force : Galactic Empire
Imperial Personnel : Major Thorbo (Platform D-34=Senior Officer aboard the platform), Admiral Flanken (ISD Hammer) and Cadet Maarek Stele (TIE Fighter Alpha 1)
Imperial Force Composition : XQ1 Platform D-34, ISD Hammer, 15 TIE Fighters (3 TIE Fighters have 4 Concussion Missiles), 3 TIE Bombers (Have Concussion Missiles), 3 Assault Gunboats (Have Concussion Missiles) and Stormtrooper Transports Epsilon 1 and 2 (Troopers)
Rebel Personnel : Rebel Officers
Rebel Force Composition : CR90 Corellian Corvettes Ubote 1-3, 7 Y-Wings (Have Proton Torpedoes), 3 X-Wings (Have Proton Torpedoes) and Lambda Shuttle Scutz (Officers)
Mugaari Personnel : Unknown
Mugaari Force Composition : 2 Y-Wings and 1 X-Wing
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Major Thorbo, Admiral Flanken and Cadet Maarek Stele
Surviving Forces : XQ1 Platform D-34, ISD Hammer, TIE Fighters, 3 TIE Bombers, 3 Assault Gunboats  and Stormtrooper Transports Epsilon 1 and 2
Imperial Loses : TIE Fighters
Rebel Survivors : Rebel Officers (Captured)
Surviving Forces : None
Rebel Loses : Entire Force destroyed, except for Lambda Shuttle Scutz (Captured)
Mugaari Survivors : None
Surviving Forces : None
Mugaari Loses : Entire Force

    Imperial Forces were sure that the Rebels were planning to attack this Imperial Outpost, after interrogating the captured Rebels from the Mugaari freighter. It was expected that the attackers would come from the direction of Buoy B-18. So three TIE Fighters from Alpha, Beta and Gamma squadrons were deployed to patrol the area around the station so they could intercept the Rebel and Mugaari attackers. Before the Stele went to his fighter, he was approached by a member of Secret Order of the Emperor. Stele was told to locate a stolen Imperial shuttle that was carrying Rebel Officers who were fleeing from the Battle of Hoth. Meanwhile, the ISD Hammer was being held back by Admiral Flanken, who was waiting to see if the Rebels would fully commit to the battle, just in case if the Rebels were conducting a feint or were testing the situation.

    The attack commenced with a group of Y-Wings hypering into the area. In response Stele ordered his wingmen to attack one, while he attacked another. After Stele and his wingmen had dealt with the Y-Wings, Rebel X-Wings had hypered into the area. Stele along with the rest of the TIE Fighters converged on the Rebel X-Wings. The X-Wings and the Y-Wings before them were gunning toward the Imperial platform to release their load of torpedoes at it. The fighting with the X-wings was furious. The nine TIE Fighters had hit them hard and fast. After about five minutes, Stele was still dogfighting with the X-Wings. He noticed that a shuttle had hypered into the area. So he took the initiative and inspected the shuttle. With that three Assault Gunboats had launched from the Imperial platform. The Assault Gunboats quickly came and disabled the stolen Imperial shuttle.

    Nearly eight minutes into the battle, a pair of Y-Wings had hypered into the area. Stele ordered his wingmen to destroy one of them while he took the leader. The TIE Fighters killed the Y-Wings nearly at the same time. Stormtrooper Transport Epsilon was launched from the platform to capture the disabled stolen Imperial shuttle. Then, as the shuttle was being boarded, three Rebel corvettes hypered into the area. However, by that time the ISD Hammer had joined the battle to take command of it and also to recover the station defences. With the Assault Gunboats still in the area, they engaged the Rebel corvettes. The ISD launched TIEs to assist in the corvettes' destruction. Soon after the corvettes were destroyed. However, Stele did not participate in their destruction.