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Battle Name : Rendezvous in the Cron Drift [Tour of Duty 2 (The Great Search Campaign), Mission 6]
Battle Location : At the edge of the Cron Drift (Asteroid Field)
Battle Occurred : Short time before the Battle of Yavin
Battle Type : Escort (For the Rebels)
Force Making Attack : Galactic Empire
Opposing Forces : Galactic Empire / Rebel Alliance
Victorious Force : Rebel Alliance
Imperial Personnel : Unknown
Imperial Force Composition : 18 Assault Gunboats (Have Concussion Missiles) and Stormtrooper Transports Lambda, Kappa, Omicron and Sigma (Have Proton Torpedoes)
Rebel Personnel : Captain Keyan Farlander (Red 1) and Naeco (Red 2)
Rebel Force Composition : CR90 Corellian Corvette Jeffery, BFF-1 Freighter Ojai (Comm Sats), Red Squadron (2 X-Wings, have 6 Proton Torpedoes) and Stormtrooper Transport Magnus (Supplies)
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : Assault Gunboats
Imperial Loses : Assault Gunboats and Stormtrooper Transports Lambda, Kappa, Omicron and Sigma
Rebel Survivors : Captain Keyan Farlander and Naeco
Surviving Forces : CR90 Corellian Corvette Jeffery, BFF-1 Freighter Ojai, Red Squadron and Stormtrooper Transport Magnus
Rebel Loses : None

    Now that the Rebels had captured several of the Empire's most sophisticated Comm Sats, the Rebels could proceed with their plan to eavesdrop on the Empire's most secure data transmission lines. The Rebels hoped to intercept information about the secret military project that they suspected was local to this sector. The Rebels' plan to replace several of the Empire's Comm Sats and replace them with their own, so they could monitor Imperial transmissions. The Rebels had a listening post built in the nearby Cron Drift. Red Squadron was to escort the Freighter Ojai and the Rebel Stormtrooper Transport Magnus to their rendezvous with the Rebel Corvette Jeffrey. The Rebel Corvette Jeffrey was the vessel that was to distribute the Comm Sats through the Cron Drift.

    Less than a minute after Red Squadron arrived, a pair of Assault Gunboats dropped out of hyperspace about 3 km behind them. Farlander ordered Naeco to assist him with the lead Assault Gunboat. Farlander quad linked his lasers, then switched to proton torpedoes. He fired as soon as he had a solid lock, then he targeted the second Assault Gunboat. Immediately after launching his next torpedo, he switched back to lasers and quickly destroyed the target. Another pair of Assault Gunboats arrived, followed shortly by the Stormtrooper Transport Lambda. Farlander targeted the Stormtrooper Transport which was about 6 km away. He had to redirect all power to the engines and once he was in range, the Stormtrooper Transport was able launch one of its proton torpedoes at the Freighter Ojai. However, Farlander quickly destroyed the transport using the tactic that destroyed the previous Assault Gunboat. During this the Rebel Stormtrooper Transport Magnus made its way towards the Rebel corvette and docked with it to transfer its cargo over.

    As Farlander engaged the nearest Assault Gunboat, the Stormtrooper Transport Kappa arrived about 9 km away. After destroying the Assault Gunboat he was engaged with, Farlander headed after the newly arrived transport. Following the same tactic that destroyed the first transport, he was able to destroy the second, but not before it let off two proton torpedoes. Also, an Assault Gunboat had fired a concussion missile at him and Farlander could not take the time to evade. The concussion missile hit Farlander right after the Stormtrooper Transport exploded. The Rebel Stormtrooper Transport Magnus escaped into hyperspace after that. A short time after the Rebel transport went into hyperspace, the Rebel Freighter Ojai docked with the Rebel corvette to transfer its cargo over.

    Mu 1 was Farlander's nearest target and as he was just starting to hit him with his lasers when the Stormtrooper Transport Omicron came out of hyperspace about 5 km away. Farlander broke off to engage the Stormtrooper Transport, he intended to use the same tactics as before. His R2 Unit warned him of an incoming concussion missile, but Farlander allowed it to hit him, and after that Mu 1 started to hit him with his lasers. Then another concussion missile was fired at Farlander. The Stormtrooper Transport was still some distance away and his shields were getting pretty weak, so he did some weaving. He straightened out and destroyed the Stormtrooper Transport as he did before. Then another concussion missile hit him. As Farlander was finishing off his attacker Mu 1, as the Stormtrooper Transport Sigma arrived. The Stormtrooper Transport was about 7 km away. As he headed towards it, another replacement wave of Assault Gunboats arrived, but they were a good 9 km away.

    Using his tried and true method of destroying transports, Farlander fired a proton torpedo at the Stormtrooper Transport Sigma and the torpedo missed its target and it missed the target again on its second pass. Farlander ended up destroying the transport using his laser cannons. After the Stormtrooper Transport was destroyed, Farlander and his wingman destroyed the Assault Gunboats as fast as they could manage. Finally, the Rebel Freighter Ojai had completed its docking operation and Red Squadron kept combating the Assault Gunboats while they waited for the Rebel corvette to hyper out of the area. Tau Squadron arrived and soon after the Rebel corvette hypered out of the area. Tau Squadron had some of its pilots turned tail and hyper out of the area as soon as they saw the Rebels. Unfortunately in the end, the Rebels were able to destroy the remaining Assault Gunboats in the area.