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Battle Name : Prisoners from Kessel
Battle Location : Near the Planet Kessel
Battle Occurred : Before the Battle of Yavin
Battle Type : Rescue (For the Rebels)
Force Making Attack : Rebel Alliance
Opposing Forces : Rebel Alliance / Galactic Empire
Victorious Force : Rebel Alliance
Imperial Personnel : Unknown
Imperial Force Composition : ISD Tiger, 2 TIE Fighters, 6 TIE Interceptors and Lambda Shuttles ST 213, ST 224, ST 227, ST 247 and ST249 (Prisoners)
Rebel Personnel : Unknown
Rebel Force Composition : Red Squadron (3 Y-Wings have 8 Proton Torpedoes) and Lambda Shuttles Rescue 1-5
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : ISD Tiger and all Lambda Shuttles (Disabled)
Imperial Loses : All TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors
Rebel Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : Red Squadron and Lambda Shuttles Rescue 1-5
Rebel Loses : None

    Rebel Alliance Intelligence learned of a transfer of Rebel prisoners from Kessel to the ISD Predator, however when the Rebels did arrive it turned out that the Star Destroyer was the ISD Tiger. Unfortunately overconfidence led the Empire to believe that two TIE Fighter escorts were sufficient enough to escort the shuttles to the Star Destroyer. The Rebels conceived a bold plan to rescue their fellow terrorists. Three Y-Wings hypered into the area behind the Imperial Lambda Shuttles. The Y-Wings engaged and destroyed the TIE Fighter escorts that broke off to engage them. The Imperial shuttles had quite some distance to cover before they could reach the ISD. With the TIE Fighters eliminated, the Rebels inspected and disabled the shuttles. The Rebel rescue shuttles arrived after the Imperial shuttles were disabled. Six TIE Interceptors were launched early in the battle from the Star Destroyer in an attempt to stop the Rebels. In the end unfortunately, the Rebels were able to destroy the TIE Interceptors sent out to eliminate the Rebel presence. The Rebel shuttles were able to dock with the Imperial ones and were able to rescue their comrades before hypering out of the area. The participating Rebel pilots were all rewarded the Corellian Cross for their bravery in this battle.