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Battle Name : Flight Leaders & Wingmen
Battle Location : Somewhere in the Galaxy
Battle Occurred : Before the Battle of Hoth
Battle Type : Defence (For the Empire)
Force Making Attack : Rebel Alliance
Opposing Forces : Rebel Alliance / Galactic Empire
Victorious Force : Galactic Empire
Imperial Personnel : Unknown
Imperial Force Composition : ISD Colossus, XQ2 Platform Depot 5 (Shields at 50%), Alpha Squadron (6 TIE Fighters), Utility Tugs C/T 1-3 and Type A Cargo Containers Chi 1 (No Cargo) and 2 (Norv'a Grog), Xi 1 and 2 (R'alla H2O) and Pi 1 (No Cargo) and 2 (Ebla Beer)
Rebel Personnel : Unknown
Rebel Force Composition : 6 X-Wings, 6 Y-Wings (Have Heavy Rockets) and Heavy Lifters Pelican 1-6
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : ISD Colossus, XQ2 Platform Depot 5, Alpha Squadron, Utility Tugs C/T 1-3 and Class E Containers Chi 1 and 2 (Norv'a Grog), Xi 1 and 2 (R'alla H2O) and Pi 1 (No Cargo) and 2
Imperial Loses : 1 TIE Fighter
Rebel Survivors : None
Surviving Forces : None
Rebel Loses : Entire Force

    The Imperial platform Depot 5 was an Imperial Navy Supply Depot and was a target in a Rebel raid. 6 TIE Fighters from Alpha Squadron were deployed to maintain a standard orbital patrol around the platform. Soon after the start of the mission, the Rebel raiders attacked. It was started by two X-Wings hypering into the area. Moments after, Y-Wings came out of hyperspace and began to attack the Imperial platform. During the fighting Alpha 1 was hit and destroyed and thus Alpha 2 became the new leader. Once the Rebel Y-Wings were able to disable the Imperial platform, Rebel Heavy Lifters entered the area to steal the Imperial supply containers. However the Rebel Heavy Lifters did not get away with the containers. They along with the remaining Y-Wings and X-Wings were destroyed. Moments after the last Heavy Lifter was destroyed, the ISD Colossus dropped out of hyperspace. And moments after that the platform deployed three Tugs. With the Rebels defeated, Imperial Forces declared victory.