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Battle Name : Escape from Mytus VII
Battle Location : Near the Planet Mytus VII (Star's End)
Battle Occurred : Before the Battle of Yavin
Battle Type : Rescue (For the Rebels)
Force Making Attack : Rebel Alliance
Opposing Forces : Rebel Alliance / Neutral / Galactic Empire
Victorious Force : Rebel Alliance
Imperial Personnel : Unknown
Imperial Force Composition : Nebulon-B Frigate Furious, 16 TIE Fighters and Stormtrooper Transports Omicron 1-4 (Troopers)
Rebel Personnel : Unknown
Rebel Force Composition : Red Squadron (2 Y-Wings, have 8 Proton Torpedoes) and Lambda Shuttle Mercy
Neutral Personnel : Unknown
Force Composition : BFF-1 Freighter Hampton
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : Nebulon-B Frigate Furious
Imperial Loses : 16 TIE Fighters and Stormtrooper Transports Omicron 1-4
Rebel Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : Red Squadron and Lambda Shuttle Mercy
Rebel Loses : None
Neutral Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : BFF-1 Freighter Hampton
Neutral Loses : None

    Rebel Alliance Intelligence assisted two captured Rebel pilots to escape from Mytus VII by stowing away on an outbound freighter. A Rebel rescue team was sent to rendezvous with the freighter to rescue the fleeing Rebel escapees. Imperial Forces were stopping any craft they came across in the area and the Nebulon-B Frigate Furious was in the sector. The Empire was able to beat the Rebels to the rendezvous with the freighter, since the Stormtrooper Transport Omicron 1 was just docking as the Rebels just came out of hyperspace.

    The Stormtrooper Transport was being watched over by 4 TIE Fighters, which were destroyed by the Y-Wings as the Rebel shuttle hung back and watched the battle. The Y-Wings were able to destroy the Stormtrooper Transport before it could successfully board the freighter. It wasn't long after that the Rebel shuttle was starting its docking operations with the freighter. Shortly after the escorting TIEs were destroyed, the Nebulon-B Frigate Furious dropped out of hyperspace and deployed 12 TIE Fighters and three Stormtrooper Transports against the Rebels. Their primary target was the Rebel Y-Wings and shuttle. It took approximately three minutes for the Rebel docking operation. Unfortunately in the end the Rebels were able to get their pilots off of the freighter and were able to escape into hyperspace.