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Battle Name : Escape from Fest
Battle Location : On a mountain on the planet Fest, located in the Atrivis Sector in the Outer Rim Territories. This planet is located near the Mantooine System
Battle Occurred : Well after the Battle of Yavin, after the Battle Above Taloraan
Battle Type : Rescue Mission (For the Rebels)
Force Making Attack : Rebel Alliance
Opposing Forces : Rebel Alliance / Galactic Empire
Victorious Force : Rebel Alliance
Imperial Personnel : Moff Seerdon
Imperial Force Composition : 3 AT-ATs, over 19 XR-85 Tank Droids, a small number Stormtroopers which came from the 3 Snowtrooper Barracks, 1 Imperial Vehicle Bunker, 8 Turbolasers, 2 Missile Turrets, 1 shield generator, 8 TIE Bombers and 1 Imperial Research Facility
Rebel Personnel : Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles and Kasan Moor
Rebel Force Composition : 5 Snow Speeders from Rogue Squadron, 3 AT-PTs (Stolen by Rebel Commandos), and 1 Y-4 Transport
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Moff Seerdon
Surviving Forces : Very few if any
Imperial Loses : All AT-ATs destroyed, over 15 XR-85 Tank Droids destroyed, possibly all of the Snowtroopers, most likely some of the Bunkers, 8 Turbolasers, 2 Missile Turrets, 1 shield generator, 8 TIE Bombers and 1 Imperial Research Facility
Rebel Survivors : Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles and Kasan Moor
Surviving Forces : 5 Snow Speeders from Rogue Squadron, 3 AT-PTs (Stolen by Rebel Commandos), and 1 Y-4 Transport
Rebel Loses : Most likely none

    Rogue Squadron was ordered by General Carlist Rieekan to help a blotched Rebel escape attempt with 3 AT-PTs that were stolen by Rebel Commandos from a top secret Imperial Weapons Research Facility, where experiments are conducted to create new metal alloys. These Rebels Commandos were conducting their operation during the Battle Above Taloraan and when their escape had been compromised, the gate into the valley was blocked off and they were being pursued by an AT-AT. The Snow Speeders from Rogue Squadron when they arrived were coming from a landing pad, over a hill, while doing strafing runs on the Stormtroopers positioned there. Rogue Squadron located the AT-PTs, and did a strafing run on the Snowtroopers in area and on the AT-AT. Skywalker ordered Rogue 8 and 9 to concentrate their fire on the gate blocking the valley while he, Rogue 7 and 10 would trip and destroy the AT-AT before it could destroy the Rebel AT-PTs. They were ultimately successful in taking out the AT-AT, since Skywalker was the one who tripped the walker, while in the process of tripping the AT-AT, orders from Moff Seerdon ordered Rogue Squadron to surrender themselves to the Empire, but the Rebels did not. By the time the gate was destroyed and the AT-PTs coming through the now cleared path, Skywalker was able to trip and destroyed 2nd AT-AT all the while facing defending Snowtroopers, Turbolasers and XR-85 Tank Droids. Note that all Snowtrooper loses were due to the strafing runs of the Snow Speeders. The 2nd AT-AT was between the shield generator and the gate, the AT-AT would have been firing at the escaping AT-PTs if it hadn't been that Rebel-Luke Skywalker. Surviving XR-85 Tank Droids conducted a long range attack on the Rebel AT-PTs, but they were unsuccessful in destroying them. The AT-PTs were going down a canyon to get to the landing pad where a Rebel Y-4 Transport was waiting for them, it arrived as soon as Rogue Squadron located the AT-PTs and tripped the pursuing AT-AT. A 3rd but last AT-AT was blocking the path to the waiting Rebel Y-4 Transport and once again Skywalker was able to trip and destroy this AT-AT. Moments after 12 XR-85 Tank Droids lumbered over the canyon walls to eliminate the Rebel AT-PTs, in response the Rebel Snow Speeders and the AT-PTs returned fire and they were able to destroy the 12 XR-85 Tank Droids. The stolen AT-PTs were once again faced with 3 more XR-85 Tank Droids that were blocking their path to the Rebel Transport, but they too unfortunately met the same fate as the other XR-85s. To end this Rebel escape, 4 waves of 2 TIE Bombers were launch to conducted a bombing run to destroy the stolen AT-PTs, however they were also destroyed before they could destroy the stolen AT-PTs. Once all 3 of the stolen AT-PTs made it to the landing platform Rogue Squadron was then ordered to destroy the Imperial Research Facility, which was protected by 1 Snowtrooper Barracks, a few Snowtroopers, a few XR-85 Tank Droids and 6 Turbolasers outside of its protecting shield and 2 Missile Turrets and a few Snowtroopers who were inside of the protecting shield. The shield generator was protected by remaining XR-85 Tank Droids, surviving Snowtroopers, 1 Imperial Vehicle Bunker, 2 Snowtrooper Barracks and 2 Turbolasers. The Rebels destroyed the shield generator its defences, with the shield no longer protecting the Imperial Research Facility the Rebels destroyed its remaining fixed defences and then destroyed the facility before leaving the area. The stolen AT-PTs would have been used by Moff Seerdon who was consolidating his forces to cut off the Rebel's bacta supply.