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Battle Name : Escort Interdictor to Airam Factory Near Mobetta [Rebel Campaign: Spreading the Rebellion, Mission 8]
Battle Location : Near Mobetta, Mobetta System in the Airam Sector
Battle Occurred : Some time after the Battle of Hoth and after the diabolical at Imperial Repair Yard KDY-77
Battle Type : Escort (For the Rebels)
Force Making Attack : Galactic Empire
Opposing Forces : Galactic Empire / Rebel Alliance
Victorious Force : Rebel Alliance
Imperial Personnel : Unknown
Imperial Force Composition : CR90 Corellian Corvettes Gotal 1 (Surveillance) and 2 (Data Recorder), 12 TIE Advanced (Armed with Concussion Missiles, NOT from Avenger Squadron), 24 Assault Gunboats (Armed with Concussion Missiles) and ATR Group Omicron 1-3 (Stormtroopers)
Rebel Personnel : Unknown
Rebel Force Composition : X7 Factory Station Gallofree [Sided with the Rebels], Interdictor Cruiser Compellor (Shields at 50%), Strike Cruiser Peregrine, Lambda-class Shuttle Compassion (Repair Crew), Rogue Squadron (X-Wings armed with 8 Concussion Missiles and 10 Chaff Bursts) and Green Squadron (B-Wings armed with 16 Concussion Missiles and 15 Chaff Bursts)
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : None
Surviving Forces : None
Imperial Loses : All Imperial forces destroyed
Rebel Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : X7 Factory Station Gallofree, Interdictor Cruiser Compellor, Strike Cruiser Peregrine, Lambda-class Shuttle Compassion, Rogue Squadron and Green Squadron
Rebel Loses : Most likely very little starfighter losses

    With yet another diabolical for the Empire, Airam Clan Leader Tamaron took noticed in the Rebels ability obtain victories against the Empire. Being impressed of the Empire's loss of two Imperial-class Star Destroyers and the capture of the Interdictor Cruiser Compellor, he offered to assist the Rebels by helping to hide the Interdictor Cruiser at one of his factories in a remote region in this sector. With the Interdictor in Rebel hands, the Empire sent out hundreds of patrols in an attempt to find the missing vessel, which possess a serious threat to the Empire. Rebel High Command also realized that the Empire would not stop until the Interdictor Compellor was back in Imperial hands or it was destroyed, so they started the first stage of their plan at the factory. Interdictor Compellor was en route to the factory with Rogue Squadron and Green Squadron already in the area. The factory was the rendezvous point for the Strike Cruiser Peregrine as well. The Rebel Interdictor came out of hyperspace without incident. Shortly thereafter, a wave of TIE Advanced came out of hyperspace for their patrol in this region, the Rebel starfighters moved to intercept them. The Interdictor Cruiser Compellor attempted to get its gravity wells online, but the gravity wells refused to work. Soon the area was flooded with Assault Gunboats, who turned their sights on the Interdictor Cruiser to disable it for capture, to get it back in Imperial hands. Fierce fighting ensued with more waves of TIE Advanced entered the area. During the fighting one of the Imperial starfighters attempt to hyper out of the area, but it was destroyed before it could do so. The Assault Gunboats were able to collapse the shields on the Interdictor and disabled it. With the vessel disabled, 3 ATRs were called in to capture the vessel back into Imperial service. However, the ATRs were destroyed before they could capture the disabled Interdictor Cruiser. After the ATRs were destroyed, two CR90 Corellian Corvettes hypered into the area. Nearing the end of the battle the Rebel Strike Cruiser Peregrine hypered into the area. Before the Corvettes could hyper out of the area with data collected, they were destroyed. Not long after, all remaining Imperial starfighters were destroyed and thus kept the Rebels intentions secret. With all Imperial Forces destroyed, the Rebels sent the Lambda Shuttle Compassion with a repair crew to get the Interdictor operational again so the Rebels could begin the modifications to the Strike Cruiser Peregrine with the Airam's assistance due their great prowess for ship modifications. After the Interdictor was repaired, shuttle Compassion hypered out of the area.