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Battles-Section D

. .
Derra IV Diplomatic Meeting
Destroy Imperial Convoy Diplomatic Summit with Sullust
Destroy the Lulsla Destroy Troop Convoy
Disable and Capture Deep Space Reconnaissance
Defeat Rebel/Airam Counterattack Near Bes Disabling Minefield
Defection at Corellia Destroy Rebel Starship Component Factory at Mobetta
Defend INT Compellor Against Rebel Hit & Fade Defend Imperial Star Destroyer Allecto
Defend Calamari Cruiser Liberty Dreadnaught Warlover Attacks Rebel Cargo Operation
Destruction of Surveillance Satellites Dev's Sidestep
Destroy Depot Duel Warheads
Destroy a Probe Defend Cruiser Independence
Destroy the Priam's Escort Destroy Imperial Supply Base
Destroy Repair Dock Destroy the Intrepid
Destroy Pirate Outpost Defend Tech Centre
. .