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Battle Name : Capture Enemies [Battle 2 (The Sepan Civil War), Mission 4]
Battle Location : Near the planet of Sepan 8, in the Sepan System
Battle Occurred : After the Battle of Hoth
Battle Type : Capture Operation (For the Empire)
Force Making Attack : Galactic Empire
Opposing Forces : Galactic Empire / Ripoblus / Dimok
Victorious Force : Galactic Empire
Imperial Personnel : Lieutenant Maarek Stele (Assault Gunboat Nu 2)
Imperial Force Composition : 8 Assault Gunboats (Have 16 Concussion Missiles) and Stormtrooper Transports Omega 1 and 2 (Stormtroopers) [Have Proton Torpedoes]
Ripoblus Personnel : Ripoblus Children
Ripoblus Force Composition : Frigate Shemsher (Ripoblus), Shuttle Plantele (Ripoblus Children) and Escort Shuttles Arabu 1 and 2 (Ripoblus), Berono 1 and 2 (Ripoblus), Calitana 1 and 2 (Ripoblus) and Degio 1 and 2 (Ripoblus) [Note they are not Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttles]
Dimok Personnel : Dimok Children
Dimok Composition : Light Cruiser Falaricae (Dimok), Frigate Manus Ferre (Dimok), Modified Corvette Runka (Imperial Goods), Cargo Ferries Glaive (Imperial Goods) and Godendag (Imperial Goods), 12 Z-95 Headhunters and Shuttle Keydon (Dimok Children)
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Lieutenant Maarek Stele
Surviving Forces : Assault Gunboats (Have 16 Concussion Missiles) and Stormtrooper Transports Omega 1 and 2
Imperial Loses : Light Losses
Ripoblus Survivors : Ripoblus Children (Captured)
Surviving Forces : Frigate Shemsher
Ripoblus Loses : Shuttle Plantele and Escort Shuttles Arabu 1 and 2, Berono 1 and 2, Calitana 1 and 2 and Degio 1 and 2
Dimok Survivors : Dimok Children (Captured)
Surviving Forces : Light Cruiser Falaricae, Frigate Manus Ferre and Modified Corvette Runka
Dimok Loses : Cargo Ferries Glaive and Godendag, 12 Z-95 Headhunters and Shuttle Keydon

    The Empire learned the location and time of a deep space rendezvous where a high level meeting between the Dimok and the Ripoblus would take place. The Empire was led to believe that this high level meeting was between the leaders of the Dimoks and the Ripoblus. So, the Empire decided to conduct a Special Operations raid to capture the leaders. Both of the Stormtrooper Transports had 4 Assault Gunboats each for escort and defence. Assault Gunboat group Nu would escort Stormtrooper Transport Omega 1, while Tau group would escort Stormtrooper Transport Omega 2. Although the leaders of both sides of Sepan Civil War would be vulnerable, the Dimoks brought their flagship and a full squadron of Z-95s for protection while the Ripoblus brought a frigate of their own and escort shuttles. The Secret Order was suspicious in how the Dimoks and the Ripoblus were arming themselves in this civil war since, their industrial capacity was not sufficient to explain the quantity of weapons that they had been deploying in combat.

    The shuttle Plantele was heading towards the Dimok frigate, while the shuttle Keydon was headed towards the Ripoblus frigate, when Imperial Forces arrived. Stele's flight group overtook the shuttle Plantele, his wingmen fired two concussion missiles at it. Once he was in range, he disabled it with ion cannons. His wingmen disabled the shuttle Keydon seconds later. With that, Stele turned his attention on the Z-95 Headhunters. Once, he eliminated all of the nearby Z-95 Headhunters, Stele switched to missiles and went after the escort shuttles from a distance. Escort shuttle group Berono was the key group when it came to the escort shuttles at the battle, since they were targeting the Stormtrooper Transports. Once the Sepan shuttles were disabled, two Cargo Ferries and later a Modified Corvette hypered into the area about 8 km away. Once the Stormtrooper Transports had captured the occupants of the shuttles, they made their way to their jump points. And permission was given to destroy the now empty shuttles.

    As soon as the Stormtrooper Transports were safely away in hyperspace, Stele shifted all of his laser and shield recharge power to the engines. After the Stormtrooper Transports hypered out, the Dimok light cruiser hypered into the area. He kept transferring cannon energy to his shields on the way to meet the cargo ferries. He was able to inspect the cargo ferries. With his discovery of unauthorized Imperial supplies, Stele destroyed them. After he destroyed the last of the escort shuttles, Stele decided to make it back to the VSD Protector. However, on his way to his jump point, Stele flew close enough to the Dimok light cruiser to inspect it. Once done, he hypered out of the area. For his success in this battle, Stele was promoted to Captain.

    It was learned from this operation that the children captured, were the children from the leaders of both sides of the Sepan Civil War. It appeared that the children were to be used as hostages in an attempt by each side to ensure the other in adherence to a new treaty. Their treaty called for an immediate suspension of hostilities between them and for them to join forces in an attempt to drive the Empire out. And with the discovery aboard the Dimok cargo vessels, it was proved to be further evidence that someone in the Imperial Navy was selling arms to both sides of the Sepan Civil War.