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Battle Name : Capture Enemy Freighters Near Elbra [Imperial Campaign: Imperial Task Force Vengeance, Mission 10]
Battle Location : Near Elbra in the Airam Sector
Battle Occurred : Some time after the Battle of Hoth
Battle Type : Interdiction (For the Empire)
Force Making Attack : Galactic Empire
Opposing Forces : Galactic Empire / Rival Airam Clan + Rebel Alliance
Victorious Force : Galactic Empire
Imperial Personnel : Unknown
Imperial Force Composition : ISD Rage, Stormtrooper Transports Sigma 1-4 (Stormtroopers), Avenger Squadron (TIE Advanced have 8 Concussion Missiles and Jamming Beam) and Talon Squadron (Assault Gunboats have 12 Proton Torpedoes and Tractor Beam)
Rival Airam Clan Personnel : Unknown
Rival Clan Force Composition : Modular Conveyor Pobel (Bacta), Muurian Transport Lod (Armed with Flares) and Escort Shuttles Omicron 1 and 2
Rebel Personnel : Unknown
Rebel Force Composition : Gallofree Yards Medium Transport Hoopaju (Weapons [Warheads]), 12 A-Wings (Armed with Concussion Missiles and Chaff) and 12 X-Wings (Armed with Proton Torpedoes and Chaff)
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : ISD Rage, Stormtrooper Transports Sigma 1-4, Avenger Squadron and Talon Squadron
Imperial Loses : No Losses
Rival Airam Clan Survivors : Unknown (Captured)
Surviving Forces : Modular Conveyor Pobel (Captured)
Rival Airam Clan Loses : Entire Force
Rebel Survivors : Unknown (Captured)
Surviving Forces : Gallofree Yards Medium Transport Hoopaju (Captured)
Rebel Loses : Entire Force

    Airam Clan Leader Ilay provided the Empire of the coordinates where the Rebels and a rival Airam clan were to exchange the Rebels' examples of their latest weaponry for Bacta to cement their relationship with the rogue Airam. The ISD Rage was directed to interdict this exchange. The standard "hammer and anvil" attack was used. Avenger and Talon Squadrons were the "hammer" while the ISD Rage was the "anvil" and the Rebel/Airam exchange were in-between. Imperial Forces hypered into the area. Avenger Squadron went after the Rebel's starfighters while Talon Squadron went after the Muurian Transports and the Escort Shuttles. It would take several minutes for the Rebels and Airam to transfer their cargoes. Once enough starfighter losses were inflicted upon Rebel forces and all escorting Airam ships were destroyed, Stormtrooper Transports Sigma was launched early in the battle to capture the cargo vessels that were going to begin the cargo transfer. With the hypering in of the Stormtrooper Transports, the A-Wings diverted and went after the transports, but they did not succeed in destroying any of them. Seeing that their operation had failed the Rebel and the Airam cargo ships powered up to flee. The X-Wings diverted to conduct proton torpedo attacks against the ISD Rage. The cargo ships were disabled by Talon Squadron, so the Stormtroopers could board and seize control of the cargo vessels for use in Imperial Special Operations. The captured ships would rendezvous with the SSD Vengeance to do so. It was not long after till all remaining Rebel starfighters were destroyed. With the captured cargo vessels the Empire had the opportunity for a cunning sabotage mission. Imperial Special Operations put together a plan to deliver the warheads which were modified to the Rebels. These warheads have the outward appearance of normal warheads, but when employed they would auto-destruct after the half load has been launched.