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Battle Name : Capture Interdictor Compellor [Rebel Campaign: Spreading the Rebellion, Mission 7]
Battle Location : Swellen System, (Which is near to the Goff System)
Battle Occurred : Some time after the Battle of Hoth and after the diabolical in the Goff System
Battle Type : Capture Operation (For the Rebels)
Force Making Attack : Rebel Alliance
Opposing Forces : Rebel Alliance / Galactic Empire
Victorious Force : Rebel Alliance
Imperial Personnel : Captain Rigell (Interdictor Compellor)
Imperial Force Composition : Repair Yard KDY-77, Interdictor Cruiser Compellor, VSD Inexorable, Strike Cruiser Iron Hand, Stormtrooper Transports Group Sigma 1-12 (Armed with Heavy Rockets), Gun Emplacements X1-X3, Y1-Y3, Z1-Z3, 12 Assault Gunboats (Armed with Concussion Missiles), Avenger Squadron (TIE Advanced armed with Concussion Missiles) and 24 TIE Interceptors
Rebel Personnel : Unknown
Rebel Force Composition : Rogue Squadron (X-Wings armed with 8 Concussion Missiles and 10 Chaff Bursts), Green Squadron (B-Wings armed with 12 Proton Torpedoes and 15 Chaff Bursts) and ATR Lomcevak (Boarding Party)
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Captain Rigell (Interdictor Compellor) (Captured, possibly killed by the Rebels)
Surviving Forces : Repair Yard KDY-77, VSD Inexorable and Strike Cruiser Iron Hand
Imperial Loses : Interdictor Compellor (Captured by the Rebels), all 12 Stormtrooper Transports and all starfighters
Rebel Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : Rogue Squadron, Green Squadron and ATR Lomcevak
Rebel Loses : Most likely very little starfighter losses

    The Interdictor Compellor was tracked to a nearby Imperial Repair Yard by the Rebels. The Rebel intend to capture the Interdictor, so they can analyse its gravity well technology and use it to their advantage. Rebel Intelligence reports indicated that the Imperial Repair Yard was lightly defended, which gave the Rebels an unparalleled opportunity. The Rebels hypered to the Repair Yard's location and began their attack. Green Squadron first concentrated its attacks on the 9 Gun Emplacements that were protecting the Repair Yard, while Rogue Squadron concentrated on the TIE Interceptors that were scrambled from the Repair Yard. Avenger Squadron's TIE Advanced were all in dock and did not launch with the TIE Interceptors, with this Rogue Squadron took the advantage and destroyed the TIE Advanced before they could be launched into combat. Once the gun emplacements were destroyed by Green Squadron, they then turned their attention on the Interdictor Cruiser Compellor. Captain Rigell ordered the Interdictor Cruiser Compellor to make a run for it and not long after Imperial reinforcements arrived. The VSD Inexorable and the Strike Cruiser Iron Hand were the Imperial reinforcements that arrived on the scene. Assault Gunboats also arrived on the scene, at first they concentrated their efforts on the B-Wings. When the B-Wings disabled the Interdictor Compellor, the Rebel ATR Lomcevak arrived to capture the Interdictor Cruiser. With the Rebels' ATR doing a docking operation with the Interdictor Compellor, the Assault Gunboats turned their sights on the ATR in an attempt to destroy it. Unfortunately they were destroyed before the ATR could be eliminated. During this the Rebels had to contend against the starfighters launched from the Imperial capital ships that came to reinforce the Imperial position in the area. Once the Interdictor was captured, the ATR hypered out of the area. Realizing the threat posed to the Empire if the Rebels were to have an Interdictor Cruiser in their possession, the VSD Inexorable launched waves Stormtrooper Transports for a total of 12 armed with heavy rockets to eliminated the captured Interdictor Cruiser. The Empire was not able to eliminate the cruiser before it jumped into hyperspace, all of the Stormtrooper Transports were destroyed by Rogue Squadron. Once all of the Imperial starfighter opposition was eliminated the Rebels hypered out of the area.