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Battles-Section A

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Assault on Kile II Ambush Imperial Escorts in the Goff System
Attack on Secret Imperial Base Attack on Rebel Capital Ships
Attack on Imperial Convoy near Mylok Attack on Imperial Shipyard
Attack on Mon Calamari Cruiser Near Ekuda Attack on Imperial-class Star Destroyer Tormentor
Ambush Rebel Leader at Airam Platform Attack on Victory-class Star Destroyer Formidable
Attack Imperial Factory Drekker Ambush of Rebel Supply Recovery from Obran Cluster
Attack on Tortali Platform Ambush Arms Smugglers near Ytha'ac Cluster
Attack on Rebel Convoy near Athega Attack Rebel Lt. Cruiser
Anti-warhead Defence Ambush!
Attack Weapons Convoy Ambush Imperial Supply Convoy
A-Wing Interception Assist Convoy Under Attack
Attack Star Destroyer Assault on Imperial Convoy
Attack Run on Supply Freighters Attack the Nharwaak
. .