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Battle Name : Ambush Arms Smugglers near Ytha'ac Cluster [Battles-Rebel Alliance Operation: Quick Strike, Mission 4]
Battle Location : Ytha'ac Cluster in the Ytha'ac System. Near Nav Buoy Hazard
Battle Occurred : Sometime after the Battle of Hoth, before "Shadows of the Empire"
Battle Type : Ambush (For the Empire)
Force Making Attack : Galactic Empire
Opposing Forces : Galactic Empire / Rebel Alliance + Airam Smugglers
Victorious Force : Rebel Alliance
Imperial Personnel : Unknown
Imperial Force Composition : ATR Sigma 1 and 2 (Stormtroopers), 16 Assault Gunboats (8 from Tau and 8 from Mu) and 4 TIE Advanced (Concussion Missiles)
Rebel Personnel : Unknown
Rebel Force Composition : Red Squadron (8 X-Wings, no warheads), Gold Squadron (8 X-Wings, no warheads) and Cargo Ferries Rongo 1 and 2
Airam Personnel : Unknown
Airam Force Composition : Cargo Ferries Fanir 1 (Container Type A [Missiles]) and Fanir 2 (Container Type A [Torpedoes])
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : Assault Gunboats
Imperial Loses : Both ATRs, all TIE Advanced and heavy losses to Tau Squadron and severe losses to Mu Squadron
Rebel Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : Red Squadron, Gold Squadron and Cargo Ferries Rongo 1 and 2
Rebel Loses : Light Loses to Red Squadron
Airam Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : Cargo Ferries Fanir 1 and Fanir 2
Airam Loses : None

    The Empire learned of a cargo transfer between the Rebels and Airam weapon smugglers that would take place in an asteroid cluster, in the Ytha'ac System and decided to ambush them. The Airam weapon smugglers were bringing the Rebels stolen Imperial munitions, however the two Imperial Capture Teams arrived before the Airam and the Rebels believed that they were led into a trap. However, the Rebels still stayed and waited for the arrival of the smugglers. Their waiting paid off. Gold Squadron was sent to engage Mu Squadron, while Red Squadron would engage Tau Squadron, and both Gold and Red Squadrons would engage the ATRs. Moments after the battle started the Airam smugglers arrived. The Airam smugglers did not stay for the battle, after hypering into the area, they dropped off their cargo of stolen Imperial munitions and hypered out. Moments after the arrival of the Airam Cargo Ferries, the Rebel Cargo Ferries arrived to pick up the cargo that was dropped off. The Assault Gunboats, that made it passed the Rebel fighter screen went after the Rebel Cargo Ferries to disable them for capture, while the TIE Advanceds concentrated their attention on the Rebel fighters. Early in the battle, the Empire's ATRs arrived and headed towards the Cargo Ferries to capture them and to recover the stolen Imperial munitions. The Rebel fighters were successful in stopping the Assault Gunboats from disabling the Cargo Ferries and were able to destroy both ATRs, thus ensuring that the Empire could not recover its stolen munitions. Once the Rebel Cargo Ferries made their jump into hyperspace, the Rebel fighters soon followed.